The 10 reasons why males actually truly infinitely matter

1 As in everything God made, it is God’s choice.

2. Without males, there would be no human race.

3. Fathers / husband provide, both a sense of safety, as well as dignity / identity to their wives and children.

4. Because the male brain is less encumbered by the larger integration of the female brain, hence they are much better suited for focus, as well as Joy.

5. As all people need a sense of joy, as the Rebbe teaches, a father’s / husband job, is to offer happiness, which includes when appropriate intimacy.

6. As is obvious, it is financially in the interest of a family.

7. Again, based on the male brain structure, the ability for courage, necessary in times of war, be it spiritual or physical, is a male quality and benefit.

8. As we model our behavior on that of our fathers’, or role-models, therefore, one of the most important tasks, is a. for male to model after God and the Rebbe; as well as to be a model.

9. Though obviously, the amazing ability for women to be mothers and wives, and the incredible amount of time it takes, precludes, if done properly, careers – none the less, men with their multi-dimensional – as all people – brains, specializing, say in medicine or engineering etc. become the very necessity of the multifunctional society.

10. Ultimately, the universe is made for us to seek truth, therefore in this quest, which obviously is applicable to both male and female – but having the courage when applicable, to act upon one’s convictions, can – as we see, most of the world’s greatest role-models did – Abraham, Moses, Noah, and other great saints, transform our world!