The Alter Rebbe – Mammer Reeh

When God gave us the Torah, what he truly did, was he gave us the ability for God to communicate to us.

When God communicates, it’s done in such a way, that though you know what to do, it still remains beyond your understanding.

Our job is to understand that God’s wisdom is infinitely valuable, hence transforming his instructions, to Passions.

Once we have a passion for something it manifests in our thoughts, speech and action.

It is when we are arrogant, that the Divine advice “conflicts…” and so we need to pray, which humbles us – sort of like washing out a container, so it can receive Pure Life Giving water.

When we use our thoughts and speech for the study of Torah, and our actions for the study of Mitzvahs, we create that we are receptacles for the Divine.

All the curses of the Torah, are only in order to refine us, so we begin to listen.

As this entire universe is a system leading to the point where we willingly listen to God, every single human being, is on this trajectory.


the truth never has nor ever will change and that is, as God so clearly tells us – that we live within a world, in which there are great violent machoistic forces, and unless you connect to the greatest, Divine force, which comes through Judaism, and the Rebbe, and in fact, the God within – you will fall to a place that the only way to rid yourself of your sexual sadism is through Purgatory – which makes the heat of the Sun seem like it’s a cold shower