Divine Reflection – From The Alter Rebbe

A person who turns to God, God turns to them – this makes no sense, for though a person may distance themselves from God, however as we know, God is the essence of all.

However this is like two people who are standing face to face, and one person turns around (so now they are back to back.)

What does it mean, that holiness has a back?

The answer is, that just like in thinking there is (mainly) two types of thought – there are the thoughts about issues that are very deep and close to you- then are the thoughts about issues which are more meaningless (never mind, there is speech, and action.)

Hence God’s creation of the world, is in the category of the lowest level.

2. Teshuvah is from the word turn – we have to have a love for God which is beyond our interest – when we recognize that God is our soul, and just as we would do anything, for our life.

3. In return we evoke God’s infinite love.

The only way to evoke this deepest level of God, is through Teshuvah.

4. The whole goal is that we should come to fear God – for God created ego in order for the ego to be humble.

A person’s desire is to merge with God.

5. Once a person humbles Himself to do the will of God, the infinity of God (hence this merger) is eternal.

So Tesuhva is ultimately that we disallow our soul to fall into the kelipah (foolish world delights) and we make our soul’s will to unify (with God.)

6. In order to draw down the infinity of God, one must feel great compassion on the Divine, whose soul has descended into your body (evoking in turn Divine compassion – which is a continuous flow.)

When you evoke God’s infinity, all past sins disappear (for they never even were there.)


The Baal Shem Tov says, that Geo-poltical events, is like a father hinting to his son, and when we look at where the world was, and where the world is, we understand beyond a shadow of a doubt as predicted in the prophecy of Daniel, that before the coming of the Messiah, it will be clarified who is good and who is evil – in other words, there were many groups – I don’t want to name names, because I don’t want to offend, and those with discernment will be able to tell – that appear on the surface to have been moral, and yet the key thing to judge any group, a person, or a nation, is not what they do when they are impoverished and poor, but rather, how do they behave when they have actual opportunity


It’s unbelievable but it is true, that every single thing that a person ever has is and will do, is either out of the belief that this will give me pleasure / this will protect me from pain; this will give me Pride / this will protect me from shame; or out of a sense of anger, which is the ego’s need to put someone down for offending it or it is out of jealousy, which is the ego’s need to put someone down for “they are erroneously better than you” – but finally and ultimately, the best two motives: is out of conviction and / or compassion