To understand truth, ask not how does Christianity, Islam, (lehavdil) Judaism, and every other group and/or ism see itself, rather how do they see others

Though I am no expert, Christianity on the whole see itself as obligated – through love – to bring the knowledge of Christianity to the whole world (though there were heinous abuses in the past, as Christine, is very much led by western hegemony, and the western world rejecting the notion of dictatorship (mainly through the French revolution) hence Christianity today exclusively sees its relationship with others only through love – quite remarkably (and perhaps Divinely so) Cristanity, at least evangelical, has broken with the notion that “we are the chosen” – and believe that a. Jews have been chosen, but b. To the extent Gentiles follow Chirstianty, they are likewise – this creates a better climate (for Jewish christian relations)

Islam as is no secret, has – what is called the “house of war” “house of peace” policy – Islam is a religion in a sense born out of desperation – the reason for this is, that Muhamed first came to the Jews claiming to be a porphet of theirs (in Islam they beleve, he was the last of the prophets) while the Jews did not agree (I believe he also came to the Cristians, who also rejected his “claim”) finally as he went to the fellow Arabs (who were pagans, they likewise) rejected – In order to get followers, effectively he became a war-lord – the promise: booty, sex slaves (often in the most sadistic fashion – for example, he massacred Jewish “tribes”, who surrendered and took pleasure in raping their wives simultaneously – ISIS is in fact a milder version of Mohamud’s actions) as such, Islam was born with a direct confrontation against all Kuffiers (non-believers, or infidels) as well as a psychological (or theological problem, namely, that if Mohomad is the continutaiotn of the prophets, why did the Jews and the Cristains not realize…?!) hence not only its mandate, but its practice was always to be – take by force! (as we saw with ISIS, all locations they took, they offered three wonderful options,/: convert, die or pay a degrading tax) It should be noted that so central to Mohameds ability to create a religion – that he offered those who die in jihad (battle for taking over lands) an instant guarantee of heaven – however what less are aware of, that this promise is also offered to those who do immigration jihad – much of what ISIS accomplished was causing the refugee crises, and in this way, they hope to spread by sheer numbers

Judaism of course – though not all realize- is a very unique faith, in that it posutaltes there are actually two versions of redemption – there is a Jewish and gentile – so while Jews are not obligated (in fact discourage) conversion, they are obligated to share, that all people must follow the seven Noahide laws (1. Not to curse God 2. Not to believe in Idols 3. To establish a justice system 3. Not to commit adultery 4. Not to commit murder 5. Not to steal 6 Not to eat from an animal while it is living 7. See asknoah.org

What is quite fascinating though is what happens to other groups – this study is so revealing that it necessitates a thorough anaylization:

Let us begin with the “liberal left,” of-course this comes in many shades – but as most radical movements – they begin somewhat aligned to the general times, but end up overtaken by highly malicious megalomaniacs (like Cortez – radicals who believe their opinion is Gods) Effectively, they have become like fascism – “we are not only right but we must use CoErCion” (of-course this is what Hitler, communism stood for)