A Life Recipe – please take the pledge

Whereas in the history of humanity, ideas of profound good and profound evil – ideas that have caused millions to become murderers, and ideas that have caused millions – if not billions- to become lovers and givers;

Whereas today we stand after 5,000 years of human civilization, and having the incredible 20/20 hindsight;

We the good people – the people who stand for life, liberty and love (over death hate and chaos) do solemnly swear by all that is honorable, good and sacred:

As the strongest force that exists (at least within) is our willpower;

Whereas like never before, has the test to sway us from 5,000 years of becoming dignified, civilized, civil, loving and kind (by those unfortunately suffering from jealousy which causes malicious demeaning (hence terrorism, Anti-semitism, anti-West and anti-Israel)

Do solemnly swear that despite ridicule (the tool of malicious jealousy) we shall with the help of the Most High proudly continue


What made America great, as I believe George Washington wrote, that it gives to bigotry no sanction and all it asks, is that all citizens pay their loyalty – few appreciate how deeply novel – namely, two hundred years ago, when 99% of the world lived under dictatorships (very often be they Cristian or Islamic, that happily sanctioned bigotry) America stood as a voice of human rights! – true, slavery was wrong, but already Abraham Lincoln fought a civil war! for its abolishment