Can You See The Difference Between Good / Evil

So this weeks Torah portion begins with perhaps the most important content: God says: “See (in other words, realize, understand, know) I have placed before you the blessing and the curse (blessing is all that is good and curse the reverse) The blessing, is, if you will listen.”

As Kabbalah teaches, the world of good and evil are inverted mirrors.

They both have love or passion, they both have strength or anger.

Let’s look at all the good, as our sages teach, “the reward for a mitzvah is the Mitzvah” (particularly as the Rebbe teaches, that the positive, multiplies.)

Good: love (unconditional,) kindness (unconditional,) faith (unconditional,) determination, (balanced with) sensitivity, which leads to moral and humble goodness and kindness.

The bad is the reverse, instead of love, hate (now hate has a pernicious deception – no one thinks they are unjustified, rather they think, you deserve hatred because… (fill n the blank.) Though of-course we would never apply that logic, namely “’I’ deserve hatred because…” – Hate of-course is nothing less than my ego either seeking vengeance, or because in my delusion of superiority I assume your very existence is raining on my rainbow – nothing less than seeking your annihilation (hence antisemitism, antiAmericanism/west by those groups that seek nothing less than our annihilation.) Now because hate can’t always annihilate, it also indulges in cruelty (again this feeds my ego – we saw this clearly in the nazis, in isis, and to a lesser extent in bullying; which often is using shame, as a means of “torture.”)  Ironically, again, as hate is based on ego – those who hate, lack faith (if they did, they would not be arrogant – if the Germans didn’t (as do the Arabs) see themselves as victims (hence justifying cruelty, and restoring their “glory”) they would have been humble.   
Determination – though it may seem, evil, is determined; it in fact is not based on convictions, but emotions (which is why in actual fact, every bully is a coward; for the moment the gun is faced at them, they immediately wither.) Of-course as evil is based on arrogance, it lacks sensitivity, in fact it revels in being insensitive (as that gives it a perverted ego high.)