The 10

1. Soul – a soul is a gentle hence loving hence vulnerable being – comprised of life (like the battery/energy) it contains cognitive, emotional, and egotistical functionality.

2. As the soul comes into a body, the question of which part of us, namely, the compassion or sensitive (to shame) the cognitive, or emotional, or ego, shall be, who we self-identify.

3. The body by nature seeks pleasure and abhors suffering (as anxiety is suffering… we avoid, acquiesce, out of fear.)

4. Anger is the result of being shamed – this causes a desire to avenge – which is the desire to demean.

5. Ultimately, every logical action must have a reason – as every part of our universe is made up of infinite details, behind it all must be a reason.

6. As even logical actions are based on self-satisfaction (nachas, like why parents have children) we must give, (or will give) our infinite Creator, joy.

7. The joy the Creator gets (like any good parent) is when their child is good and kind.

8. To be good, we must be joyous (for in misery we become jealous, and jealousy causes that instead of being happy for another, we feel that it’s unfair – and as the ego cannot handle being lower than those it believes it is equal (or higher than) as such, the ego convinces the mind that the other person is evil – we see this empirically, because it is never the worst but the best (for example, Americans, who have done more kindness than any other – Jews, who have the highest ethical standards (and charitable) who are most shamed.)

9. In the end of the day, what matters – is awareness – of self, of others, and equally (perhaps) of God.

10. For as God is both Unconditional Love, as well as infinite ability – therefore, He plans on personally (as any good parent, who both allows freedom) guide.