The three stages – child – teenager – adult

Once upon a Time, a little ox was born – being of-course an ox, it ranted and raved – the Daddy and the Mommy said, “Our precious little ox is going bezerk – it is obnoxious, cruel, and can’t handle the word “no.””

But of-course not realizing – after throwing so many many tantrums – the little ox changed.

Gone was his (or her) expectation – the little ox became a lamb.

“Oh so cute!” “Oh so delicious!” “Oh so cuddly.”

And the lamb learned that with Daddy and Mommy oxes – you must be very amenable.

But in the heart of the lamb, was an ox.

As the lamb grew, he questioned – whenever and wherever he saw inconsistencies, he was silently enraged (“after all I can be a lamb – a 🐑 – perfection – but if you’re not perfect, why should I?!” – reasoned the lamb’s, ox heart.)

Finally at the ox/lamb Bar-Mitzvah, attended by all the adult oxen, and lamb friends, Rabbi Z. spoke.

“My dear son”, he said. “I know that you are a ox/lamb – Others think you are an ox, Others think you are a lamb – but I, schooled in the secret of souls, understand, that the reason the Creator of all mankind took his spirit and turned it first into a baby ox and then into a lamb, is because, like siamese twins – there are times: when standing up for what’s right, you need to be an ox – but in general, the goal is to be – even if others have lost their, lamb.”