Good Vs Bad


Marriage: Man and Woman pledge till
death do us part (ideally also begetting
the future)  
GOOD (if nothing else, live longer and
happier, based on studies)
BAD (if nothing else have a high chance of
getting HIV – not to mention not begetting
Believe in God  
GOOD (based on numerous studies https://www.benefitsof.org/what-is-the-benefit-of-believing-in-god/ reduces stress, increases morality, cooperation,
charity, and in
depression and schizophrenia  75% more likely to get better
(from medication) better
reaction to chemotherapy and
also been proved to heal
(in blind studies)
BAD (if nothing else, the numerous benefits of belief –
see parallel table – are absent)
GOOD It gives (if it is not a
source of anxiety nor
obsession) security, allows one to be a good Jew
(gentile) and finally, it allows one to do the greatest good namely assisting (charity)
Democracy   GOOD
Democracy is the best form of the evil called
Radical / Totalitarian / Dictatorship   BAD What many fools comprehend not, that radicals (be it the radical left or
right) do not respect you – their philosophy and smug self righteousness – as in the evil of jihad (you k
now ISIS) gives them a self proclaimed moral authority (which denies anyone of due process – legal human rights)
Thinking   Good
Following   Bad (nazis… as Hitler
said, lucky for leaders that people don’t think)