The fiefdom versus Divine Kingdom

In the history of the world – civilization, which ironically is only 5,000 years old (based on archeology – not to mention the Biblical creation (5,779 years ago)…

There are really only two type of societies (which is what a nation – a group of people in geographic boundary is.)

The first is fiefdoms:

Having lived in Africa (a vast continent, only recently divided (as most of the Arabian peninsula,) into “countries;” (by western colonies, who saw nations, as Divine-Kingdoms – another example of this, is China, that only n the 1940’s became a centralized government, instead of fiefdoms – this was in reaction to the Japanese invasion.)

Now we must, MUST understand the difference.

A fiefdom is based on the rule, “MIGHT IS RIGHT” – If you ever lived in a fiefdom (and much of the former Soviet Union (having a brother-in-law and sister, living in the Ukraine, and I asked them, “How is the safety?” – so they genuinely said, “It depends which mafia is in charge;”) there is a constant balance of power (as is known, the feudal systems of Poland, Russia etc.)

The only country (with many somewhat imperfect imitations) of a Divine Kingdom, namely that which makes the Jews/Israel unique, as Paul Johnson (who wrote the history of the Jews) replied to Rabbi Sacks (Chief Rabbi of Britain, who asked him, what he found most intriguing) “The ability to combine both the community with individuality.”
For in the Divine Kingdom, as in the Divine – being unlimited –  every positive – namely, the positive of community and the positive of individuality (which by nature are contrasts, unless carefully balanced) is extenuated.

Let’s give ten examples:

  1. First and foremost, we find G-d’s, Country Planning, to be a collective.

    Though it is one country, with a central authority, vested mainly in the Supreme Court (of 71 Rabbis/judges, based on the constitution, the Torah) nonetheless, there are to be twelve districts (for each of the twelve tribes.)

2. We find that G-d creates, a “Divine Role Models/Educator, class” – These of-course are the tribe of Levi, consisting of the Cohanim, who did their duties in the Holy-Temple (who were actually religiously somewhat sequestered, due to needing to remain consistently pure (by not touching certain dead animals etc.) and the Levites (who besides, their duties in the Temple) specifically were given no district, but 30 cities, in and around Israel.  These two classes (of Levi) were supported by the rest of the Jewish people – for the Cohanim brought them atonement (sacrifices) and the Levites were the educators.

2. Additionally, God has, under the auspices of the Sanhedrin (supreme court) a Civic leader “a king” – He was given power of taxation, going to war (under certain religious guidelines) and due to the necessity of having power, unique abilities to execute law and order (this is not too different, to how the founding fathers set up a President and a Constitutionally based supreme-court, as well as House of Congress and Senate.)

3. What is most important – though obvious, is the respect between the genders – Yes women, are wives and mothers! – Having children, is seen as the greatest achievement! – Far from feeling second class, or at “war,” the Jewish women always were at the forefront of their people! (Many times, from Sarah, to Rivka; from Deborah, to Esther, saving all of them! – For a good society is one that recognizes, nay, respects our complimentary qualities (or unique characteristics.)

4. The Divine Kingdom also has a universal goal, namely, to be “a light onto the nations” – This is fundamentally important, for a people without a vision, not only has no future, it has no present. – As such, G-d sends Prophets, visionaries, and in our day and age, like the Lubavitcher Rebbe – endowed with either prophetic or Torah ability, to see the unique purpose of the generation (for each generation has its unique mission!) and fortunate are those who serve, for their lives are meaningful.

5. What is also most interesting – in contrast to western democracy (which is all about “my rights”) it’s all about moral responsibility. – In other words, the very language of Judaism (the Bible) is one, in which a moral G-d, implores for you to so be.

6. Charity, is also built into the system – people may not charge usury (interest, and are instructed to be compassionate and loan.)

7. Furthermore farmers are engendered, to, twice in seven years, give ten percent of their produce to charity, and every year, parts of it; and once in seven years (though more for agricultural reasons) all fields are to be deemed “hefker” – available to all (this also allows the ground to replenish.)

8. . One of the most important ideas in the Godly Kingdom, is unlike communism, which sought to impose utopia  (though as in “animal-farm” created myopia (at best;) Capitalism is understood to be the most natural desire – all people seek to increase, and in fact should increase their assets – coupled with the selfish (which is a necessity– otherwise, why would you even eat, marry etc.) drives, are to be compassionate.

9. To achieve this unique balance (between selfish and compassion) firstly one is always engendered to not become arrogant – From offering your first fruits (one out of ten animals etc.) in gratitude to G-d (as donation,) In this way, a person’s ego is kept in check (for after all, it is but our ego that makes us think we are better, hence losing our innate compassion.)

10. Additionally, we find built into the Divine Kingdom, the idea of spiritual days – be it every Saturday, when all work ceases – and like Prince and Princesses, we engage in the weekly Torah portion, – in a beautiful meal, celebrating, the Shabbat Queen; – Whether it’s the cycle of reliving God’s Power (Pesach,) God’s Wisdom and Gift (The Torah on Shavous,) G-d’s Protection and Love (on Sukkois;) Whether it’s taking the time to reflect, reenergize, and reprioritize on Rosh Hashanah – and qualitatively to comprehensively remind ourselves that we are Spirit (not just flesh) on Yom Kippur –
A Dance Between Spirit and Matter, between Life and Love, between God and Man, between Heaven and Earth, consistently dances.