In life we all have a self-image, a concept, that we exist, all existence is nothing less than a self-love, and self-love is the expansion of self, which comes either through Fame, children, it can come through marriage, honor – it also can include when we have a value system, and we identify with it – which is why people will give their lives say for their country, their religion – then the flip side is we also, because we wish to expand, we become fearful of that which can contract us – we are afraid of Shame – a good example of this is when the Communists – may their name be blotted from the history of humanity – pulled a gun to the Previous Rebbe, he said “Put away the toy,” Said they to him, “This toy has made many a man talk,” Replied he, “This toy makes someone with many gods and one world talk, but I have, one God and Two Worlds”