Sicha – Bhar Bichuikoisay

1. The purpose of life obviously is to Manifest Divinity – now the mechanism of Divinity – which is also a mentally healthy person – is that first comes an idea – this is the world of thought, which corresponds to the spiritual world of Briah; and then comes speech, which by people means you think through what you’re going to do, and you speak about it to others, particularly people who are experts in this field, and you decide if it’s wise or not – and this is the world of Yetzira, and then comes Asiyah / implementation, and even before you implement, you once again consider if this is the right thing, because as you get to implementation, the reality itself may be different.

2. As the universe was made for the person, therefore the macro universe is contained within the micro / us, and when we fix the micro, we rectify the macro.

3. The world and the universe as mentioned, are made up of three: namely, thought, speech and action – and the goal of life is that when we Jews engage in positive thoughts, speech and action, we thereby manifest Holiness, not only within ourselves, and the people or utensils we are engaging with, but actually in the very Universe of Beriah / of thought, of Yetzira / of speech, and of Asiyah / of action.


Torah empowers us to have the ability that our thought and speech should be holy and drive our action.

5. God giving us the Torah was the empowerment to have a meaningful and purposeful life.

6. As action follows intention – the most important thing is to have the right intentions.

7. When you wake up in the morning, you have to first and foremost remember that you and God are One, your soul is Divine, and therefore you are a Divine Being on a Divine Mission, and the rest will follow.

8 God seeks unity and therefore the One made many, for when the many find the One, we have a sum, greater than its parts.

9. The intention of creation was not that God should fix everything, but that we should.

10 We should bring the children and everyone to hear the Ten Commandments in synagogue on Shavous.