10 things from Chassidus that saved me

1 The Baal Shem Tov says – You can find the good in the bad – the bad will then turn to good.

2. The Rebbe teaches that teaching others the Torah’s teachings is spiritual charity, and by doing so we feel fulfilled.

3. Every moment of life is a moment in which God designs, through an experience, or a teaching an ability for us to learn something deep.

4. Moshiach, a time of complete goodness, peace, prosperity, spiritual enlightenment, resurrection of all the good dead is soon coming!! and this is important! in order to have hope.

5. Forgive! and this is important in order to rid oneself of the most toxic poison – anger.

6. If you make a daily To-do list and most importantly a time when to do, your to-do list – as when we make a time, we are more likely to accomplish it.

7. Love Love and Just Love for no other reason, than, love is what’s good, what’s right, and the core mission of man.

8. Women, because they have larger Binah brains, in other words, the left size is about 10 times as large – giving them much more information, hence possible disaster scenarios – are much more prone to anxiety, and hence should always be treated exceptionally sensitively.

9. Anyone who allows modern culture to penetrate their thinking, and certainly the home, is guilty of spiritual suicide and murder.

10. Every generation has a Moses whose prayers are as powerful as Moses, if you need help you can write to the Rebbe, at Rebbe@ohel.org