Mammer – Vayomer 5728

1 Our goal is to like the moon receive the light and then shine it.

2. Specifically through the help of God and humility we’re able to connect directly to the infinite light.

3. Being that the soul is perfect, the only reason that it comes into the body, is to perfect the body.

4. The soul’s mission to refine our emotions results in not only the elevation of the soul, but the elevation of the entire world.

5. When Moshiach comes the two great realities will be: infinite blessings for the Jewish people for everything they have done, and also the Gentiles will Revere God as He will judge between nations fairly.

6. Our animal soul, even though it has powerful drives, because God is infinite, therefore He has the ability – through our desire – to redirect Us in the right direction.

7. The soul even though it is pristine and can be loved for its own greatness – because it comes into the body, therefore it is revealed, particularly in the time of the Resurrection – that it too has the choice of God.

8. When Moshiach comes, the soul will receive light from the body.

9. When Moshiach comes, we will have complete benefit in all spiritual and physical realms.

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