Mammer – Vayomer 5728

1 Our goal is to like the moon receive the light and then shine it.

2. Specifically through the help of God and humility we’re able to connect directly to the infinite light.

3. Being that the soul is perfect, the only reason that it comes into the body, is to perfect the body.

4. The soul’s mission to refine our emotions results in not only the elevation of the soul, but the elevation of the entire world.

5. When Moshiach comes the two great realities will be: infinite blessings for the Jewish people for everything they have done, and also the Gentiles will Revere God as He will judge between nations fairly.

6. Our animal soul, even though it has powerful drives, because God is infinite, therefore He has the ability – through our desire – to redirect Us in the right direction.

7. The soul even though it is pristine and can be loved for its own greatness – because it comes into the body, therefore it is revealed, particularly in the time of the Resurrection – that it too has the choice of God.

8. When Moshiach comes, the soul will receive light from the body.

9. When Moshiach comes, we will have complete benefit in all spiritual and physical realms.


Sicha – emor 5751

1. Redemption is not another reality but is our reality understanding its purpose.

2. The purpose of redemption is not the abrogation of reality but upliftment and revelation.

3. The ultimate goal of redemption is not leaving our reality, but the transformation of it.

4. It says when Moshiach comes, there will be a new Heaven and Earth, which means we will see how both are continuously sustained by Hashem; furthermore it says, that there will be a new Torah, for Torah relates to as Hashem is teaching us how to deal with ourselves, and the world and relationships, namely, the emotions, but the new Torah refers to the Infinity of Hashem, which is beyond our current knowledge.

5. Through being involved in the study of Torah and the self-refinement, and the connection to Hashem Beyond everything in Exile, we manifest Redemption.

5. Moshiach will have the qualities of King David, namely leadership and King Shlomo, namely that his great wisdom which Moshiach will surpass, will be a mechanism, through which everybody seeking the wisdom, and being humbled through its greatness, will have peace in the world.

6. There are three dimensions to God’s interaction with us: there is the God of reality / nature, there is the God of Torah / education, and then there is the God of infinity.

7. When Moshiach comes, the completion of every Dimension will be revealed.

8. We need to connect to each Dimension which helps bring this Moshiach.

9. When Moshiach comes, the infinite dimension will be the most common dimension.

10. Practically, this means that through the study of Torah, especially the study of Chassidus, we open up our soul to get direct information from God.

11. The Practical directive is that we have to add in our study of Torah and in our knowledge that everything is directed by God, and our spreading Torah and Judaism and especially Chassidus in the whole world.


Sicha – Emor

1. Women have the Merit and the obligation to educate their children in Torah.

2. One of the Practical mechanisms is when a child comes home from school is to ask them to repeat what they learned.

3. While we are on the subject, it pays to mention the obligation of women in their study of Torah, which is obviously related to the education of their daughters, that women as the Jewish law teaches, are obligated to know all the laws that they must follow, like the laws of niddah, Tevvila (Mikvah) Melicha ( salting / kosher) Yichud Etc. and every Mitzvahs Asei that is not time bound and every Mitzvahs Loi Saseh of the Torah and of the Rabbis, for they are obligated just as men – which is the vast majority of the laws of the Torah.

And mainly they need to know Chassidus, as Chassidus explains the fundamental laws, such as faith in Hashem, his unity, love, fear Etc. as the verse says “Know God your father, and serve him with a complete heart”, which is necessary to keep the six constant Mitzvahs which a person should never forget about, at any moment.

4. Though in previous generations not all women were educated, however it’s known that the great rabbis established schools, and now when in any event there are negative influences, there must be positive influences.

5. Furthermore this is one of the Great preparations for Moshiach.

6. This is also one of the reasons why God told Moshe to first teach the Torah to the women, because to a large extent, the spirit of the home and the study of the husband and the children depend on her.

7. Therefore to whatever extent a woman can increase her knowledge of Torah it is highly laudable.