Mammer – lihavin 5746

1. Heaven, Gan Eden is a place in which the reward is the secrets of the Torah, and therefore it is mainly reward for the Torah study on Earth while Moshiach and the resurrection of the Dead, is a reward for the Mitzvahs, which are mainly done by the body.

2. Moshiach being a reward for the Mitzvahs that we do, and we know that even a Jew who sins is filled with Mitzvahs like a pomegranate, therefore every single Jew will be resurrected, and furthermore the intrinsic fact that a Jew is in essence God, will be revealed.

3. So there are two levels of Revelation at the times of Moshiach and the resurrection, the first is the reward for doing the Mitzvos, and when we do the Mitzvos, we channel in Divinity, and therefore we will have the revelation of Divinity, however the main greatness of the times of the Resurrection is the Jews are sourced in God-Himself.

4. Ultimately, God’s greatest pleasure which will be revealed at the era of Resurrection is with the Jew Himself.

5. In heaven we continuously Elevate, and all those elevations take tremendous effort, for generally speaking, our service is about humility and refinement, so to get to the next level a person has to go to the river of fire, to forget the previous level, and go to the elevator which shines the higher light which brings in humility, allowing that higher light – however in the times of the Resurrection, we will manage to grow without needing to leave the past.

6. Even though in heaven, we have to remove our garments to ascend spiritually, on the times of Moshiach, we will, with our garments, in our bodies, continuously ascend.

7. So the ultimate knowledge is that beyond the greatness that Jews achieved through channeling Divinity by doing Torah, Mitzvahs, is that the intrinsic you is the desire of God.


I’m so excited, because I finally figure it out, the inventor of Game Theory, Von Neumann, who was a great Jewish genius, himself didn’t understand the underlying cause as he said that “you can’t be upset when someone else is bad, it’s just the way” – It is, but effectively the question is why is it? As he accurately says “we are either in love or in hate with others” and it has to do with whether we trust, or we actively distrust