Chapter 34

1. And Dina the daughter of Leah born to Yaakov went out to see the daughters of the land.

2. And Shechem the son of Chamor the Chivi the leader of the land, saw her, and he took her and he slept with her and pained her.

3. And his soul became lust-filled for Dina the daughter of Yaakov, and he loved her and appeased her.

4. And Shechem said to Chamoir his father saying, “take for me this girl as a wife.”

5. And Yaakov heard that he defiled Dina his daughter and his sons were shepherding sheep in the field, and Yaakov remained silent until they returned.

6. And Chamor, the father of Shechem came out to Yakov to speak to him.

7. And the sons of Yaakov came from the field when they heard, and they were very upset and they were exceptionally angry, for a disgrace was done in Israel, to rape the daughter of Jacob, and so will not be done.

8. And Shechem spoke to them saying “My son Shechem desires your daughter, give her to us as a wife.”

9. “Intermarry with us; your daughters you’ll give to us and our daughters take for yourselves.

10. And live with us, the land will be before you, settle here, make business and possess.”

11. And Shechem said to her father and her brothers, “May I find favor in your eyes and whatever you say I will do.

12. Increase greatly the amount I must pay for bridal dowry and gifts, I’ll give anything you ask for; and give me the lass as a wife.”

13. And the sons of Yaakov answered Shechem and Chamoir his father with deceit and they said -for he had defiled Dina their sister.

14. And he said to them, “We cannot do this, to give our daughter to a person who has foreskin, for this is a disgrace to us.”

15. “Through this We Will consent to you, if you will be like us, to circumcise for yourselves every male.

16. And we will give our daughters to you and your daughters we will take, and we will dwell with you and we will be one nation.

17. If you do not listen to us to be circumcised, we will take our daughter and leave.”

18. And their words were positive in the eyes of Chamoir and in the eyes of Shechem the son of Chamoir.

19. And the lad delayed not in doing this, for he desired the daughter of Jacob, and he was most respected in his father’s home.

20. And Shechem and Chamoir his son came to the gate of the city – they spoke to the people and their City saying.

21. “These people are peaceful with us, and they will live in the land and do commerce, the land is big enough for them, their daughters we will take to us, and our daughters we will give to them.

22. But on these terms will they will accede to live with us, to be one nation, if every male circumcises themselves, as they are circumcised.

23. Their Livestock and their possessions, and all the cattle is actually for us, but let us accede to them and they will dwell with us.”

24. And they listen to Chamoir and Shechem his son – all those who passed through the gate of the city, and they circumcised every male, all who passed through the gate of his City.

25. On the third day, when they were in pain, the two sons of Yaakov, Shimon and Levi, the brothers of Dina, each took his sword, and they confidently came to the city, and killed every male.

26. And Chamoir and Shechem his son, they killed by sword, and they took Dina from the house of Shechem and they left.

27. The sons of yaakov came over the decimated and they plundered the city which defiled her sister.

28. Their sheep, their cattle, their donkeys and everything in the city and the field, they took.

29. And all their wealth and all their children, and their wives they took captive, and they plundered all that was in the house.

30. And Yaakov said to Shimon and Levi, “You have made trouble for me, to make me of noxious in the eyes of the Dwellers of this land, the Kinani and the Prizi, and I am few in numbers, and they will gather upon me and destroy me and my house.”

32. And they said, “should our sister be made into a harlot.”