Mammer – Vavdu 5746

1 By Nature we enjoy intellect, and to DO something, means to go away from what we enjoy.

2. Generally speaking Torah is the intellectual enjoyable State and Mitzvois is something that we Do because it is the right thing.

3. The Torah gives us enjoyment, which itself is high, namely the fact that were enjoying something spiritual, and Mitzvahs is the benefit of doing what we have to do for God; eventually once one receives the completion of enjoyment and knowledge and expansion of Torah, then they have to do their study of Torah, as a Mitzvah.

4. When Moshiach comes, we will reach a level that our service of God has no ulterior motives, like the Rambam says, that the greatest service is out of love, as we find by Abraham.

5. In the Messianic era when we get beyond all limitations and everything we do is for God, including our Torah learning, therefore, despite the fact that we will totally be preoccupied with the study of Torah, the mechanism in which we do it will be one of like a mitzvah.

6. We know that the coming of Moshiach depends on our actions today, and if the Rambam brings down in Jewish law that we have to serve God on an altruistic level, therefore this means we have the opportunity! and by doing so we bring Moshiach!

7. So may it be God’s will that this happens immediately, that when Moshiach comes, we obtain the state of a true servant that has no Personal Agenda, and as it says, the promise that God’s kingdom will come into the whole world especially the Jewish people, which each one of them is like an only son to God, and then the verse says, that there will be a complete revelation of the simple infinite truth of God – which his Simplicity is connected to the simple person and his sincerity below.


Maagid – 7

By Nature when we love something we don’t fear it and when we fear it we don’t love it – however everything is made up in nature of four elements Earth Fire Air Water and so how is it that the fire and the water element don’t annihilate each other – how can they complement each other? Because there’s a force that is higher than them both that controls the mechanism and so too, even though you shouldn’t be able to love and fear Hashem, because of Hashem’s infinity, He gives you the ability to do both at the same time.