Mammer – Cimi 5739

1. The verse States, “As the days we left Egypt, God will show us Wonders,” when Moshiach comes – the question is, why does it say “As the DAYS,” for we left Egypt in One day? Answer is, leaving Egypt means leaving all limitations and boundaries, and every day, until Moshiach, we Elevate ourselves Beyond The Fears that limit us, until we arrive to Moshiach, when we get beyond all limitations and boundaries.

2. Going out of Egypt is a daily experience of going Beyond limitations.

3. God, when He redeemed us from Egypt, He made us His Servants, which gives us the opportunity to be free from all slavery to worldly matters, including Exile, in order to be free to do his desires.

4. As we grow every day higher & Beyond limitations to our service of God, therefore we get closer and closer to the coming of Moshiach, especially as our generation will greet the Moshiach.

5. The ultimate Revelation is the revelation of Infinity of God Himself.

6. When Moshiach comes, going Beyond limitations will be in everything, as we know, there will be a new world, a new Heaven and a new Earth, also the Torah will come from a new level of the Infinity of God, and the revelation of God will be infinitely greater than what’s going on today.

7. Even though we previously SAW Godliness, but ironically the very vision of Godliness at the Holy Temple, restricted our levels of Sacrifice for Godliness.

8 True sacrifice doesn’t come from what you KNOW, but it comes from the essence of the Soul, which hits God’s essence and brings the Moshiach.