Mammer – Cimi – 5738

1. The reason it says that “the days” when we left Egypt, as opposed to “day” is because the connection between the future Redemption and The Exodus from Egypt is that the Exodus from Egypt was the channel that opened up the possibility for all future Redemptions.

2. There are Miracles Beyond and within nature, and within nature there are three types: the first are those that are obvious like the story of Hanukkah and Purim, then there are those that are less obvious but we thank God, for example, the four blessings for crossing the desert / the sea, released from prison or serious illness, and finally there are those miracles that are so concealed that even the person that the miracle occurred to, realize it not.

3. The highest Miracles come into the lowest levels, for that represents infinity, and that is the level of the Messianic Redemption.

4. The benefit of a miracle that is hidden within nature is that when you perceive that that is the reality, you have a deeper appreciation, as opposed to a Miracle which is beyond nature, which we cannot understand.

5. When Moshiach comes, as the ultimate Infinity is revealed and it has no limitations, therefore it will bring beyond-reality permanently within reality.

6. When Moshiach comes, the physical world and people will Elevate to a state that we will all be vessels to contain the continuous Infinity within the finite.

7. Throughout Exile we refined all the Sparks called Avodas Habirurim, and therefore we are now able to take the infinite in the finite.

9. From The Exodus of Egypt to the Messianic Redemption, is a single continuous state which began with the power to refine the Sparks, Avodas Habirurim in the Messianic Redemption.

8. The world is a single state of going from slavery – spiritual slavery, to Redemption: Eternal spiritual growth.

9. Through remembering the Exodus from Egypt, as it is a direct link to the coming Redemption, we speed up the coming Redemption, that it should come immediately.

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