Chapter 31

1. Jacob heard the words of the son’s of Lavan, saying, “Jacob is taking everything belonging to our father. He has become rich by taking our father’s property!”

2. And Yaakov saw the face of Lavan, and it was not disposed towards him like previous days.

3. And God said to Jacob “Go back to the land of your fathers and your birthplace, and I will be with you.”

4. Yakov sent and he called Rochel and Leah, to the field, to his sheep.

5. And he said to them “I see the face of your father is not towards me as Previous days, and the God of my father came to me.

6. You know that with all my effort I have served your father.

7. And your father swindled me and changed my salary ten times, but God did not allow him to do evil to me.

8. If he said your pay will be the spotted ones, than all the animals gave birth to spotted young – if he said, ringed ones will be your wage, then all the animals gave birth to ringed ones.

9. And God eroded your father’s sheep and gave it to me.

10. During the breeding season I raised my eyes and had a vision, I saw that the bucks mounting the Sheep were ringed spotted and flecked.

11. And an angel of God said to me “Yaakov” and I said “At Your Service.”

12. He said ‘raise your eyes and you will see that the bucks mounting the Sheep are ring spotted and flecked, let this be a sign that I’ve seen all that Lavan is doing to you.

13. I am the God of Beis Eil that you anointed there an alter that you promised to me there a vow – now come, and go from this land and return to the land of your birthplace.”

14. And Rochel and Leah answered and said to him “Do we still have a inheritance and a portion in our father’s house.

15. He sees us as strangers, for he sold us, and he has also eaten our money.

16. For all the wealth that God has redeemed from our father is ours and our children, and now everything that God says to you, do.”

17. Yaakov got up and he placed his sons and his wives on the camels.

18. And he led all his livestock, and all his possessions that he gathered, everything he owned, which he accumulated in Padan Aram, to come to Yitzchok his father, to the land of Canaan.

19. And Lavan had gone to sheer his sheep and Rochel stole the idols of her father.

20. And Yaakov stole the Heart of Lavan the Aramain, for he told him not that he is running from him.

21. And he and all that he possessed Ran away, they got up and they crossed the river heading in the direction of the Gilad mountains.

22. And Lavan was told on the third day that Yaakov ran away.

23. And Lavan took his brothers with him and he chased after him a journey of seven days and he met him at Mount Gilead.

24. And God came to Lavan the Aramain in a dream at night and told him “I’m warning you, do not speak to Jacob, from good to evil.”

25. And Lavan overtook Jacob, and Jacob had planted his tent on the mountain and Lavan and his brothers pitched their tent on Mount Gilead.

26. Lavan said to Yakov “What have you done – you have stolen my heart, and you have carried my daughters as if they are captives.

27. Why did you have to run away secretly and steal my heart and you didn’t tell me and I would have sent you away with joy and with singing, and with drums and harp.

28. And you did not allow me to kiss my sons and my daughters; you acted foolishly.

29. I have it in my power to do you harm but the God of your fathers yesterday said to me do not speak to Jacob from good to evil.

30 Now you left because you crave your parents home, but why did you steal my gods?”

31. And Yaakov answered and told Lavan, the reason I have done this is because I was worried that you would steal your daughters from me.


Whoever has your God’s will not live, before our Brothers recognize what is with me and take, and Yakov did not know that Rochel stole them.

33. And Lavan came into the tent of Yaakov and into the tent of Leah and into the tent of the two maids and he didn’t find and he went from the tent of Leah and he came into the tent of Rochel.

34. And Rochel took the idols and she put them in the saddle of the camel and she sat on them and Lavan felt the entire tent and he could not find them.

35. And she said to her father “please my master do not be angry, for I cannot get up before you, for it is the way of women with me,” and he looked and he did not find the idols.

36. And Yakov became angry and he argued with Lavan and Yaakov replied and he said to Lavan “what is my sin that you chase after me.

37. You checked all of my vessels. What have you found from all vessels of my home, place it here before my and your brothers, and let them determine between us!

38. I’m with you now 20 years, your sheep and your goats didn’t miscarry, and I never once took a Ram from your flock as food.

39. I never brought you an animal that had been attacked, I took the blame myself – you made me make it good whether it was carried off by day or by night.

40. By day I was consumed by the scorching heat, by night by the frost, as sleep was snatched from my eyes.

41. It is now 20 years in your home that I have served you, 14 years for your two daughters and six years for your sheep, and you have changed my salary 10 times.

42. If not for the God of my father, the God of Abraham, The Dread of Isaac who was with me, you would have sent me away empty-handed – All my work and my difficulty God saw and yesterday proved.

43. And Lavan replied and he said to Jacob, “the daughters are my daughters, the sons our my sons, the Sheep are mine, everything that you see is mine, and to my daughters, what should I do to them today or to their sons, that they gave birth.

44. And now let us create a covenant between me and you, and it will be a testimony between me and you.

45. And Yaakov took a stone and he set it up as an altar.

46. Jakob said to his brothers “gather stones and take stones and make a mound” and they ate there on the mound.

47. And Lavan called it Yigar Sahadusa – and Yaakov called it Gal-Eid.

48. And Lavan, said “this mound will be a testimony between me and you today” – therefore the name was called Gal-Eid.

49. And the watch – that he said, God should watch between me and between you, when we are not with each other.

50. If you cause suffering to my daughters and if you take extra women over my daughter’s then there is no agreement between us, God will see as a witness between me and you.

51. And Lavan said to Yaakov, behold this mound and this Monument that I have set up between me and you.

52. This mound is a witness and the monument is a witness, I shall not cross this mound and you shall not cross this mound to do evil to one another.

53. The God of Abraham the god of nachor between us, the God of their father will judge, and Yaakov swore by The Dread of his father Isaac.

54. And Yakov offered A sacrifice on the mountain, and he called his brothers to eat bread, and they ate bread and they rested on the mountain.


To be happy you must believe that the world is good and to believe that the world is good you must know what Jewish mysticism and practically proven by stats shows, namely that in the beginning man was selfish, narcissistic; slavery and hate was rampant, then God sent Abraham into the world and through his children, the Jewish people and Gods guide for Life, the Torah, the Bible the ideals of a just and kind world have spread. But ultimately it leads to where we are today and forever will be… that those who seek truth, be able to bask in Infinity


Mammer – Cimi – 5738

1. The reason it says that “the days” when we left Egypt, as opposed to “day” is because the connection between the future Redemption and The Exodus from Egypt is that the Exodus from Egypt was the channel that opened up the possibility for all future Redemptions.

2. There are Miracles Beyond and within nature, and within nature there are three types: the first are those that are obvious like the story of Hanukkah and Purim, then there are those that are less obvious but we thank God, for example, the four blessings for crossing the desert / the sea, released from prison or serious illness, and finally there are those miracles that are so concealed that even the person that the miracle occurred to, realize it not.

3. The highest Miracles come into the lowest levels, for that represents infinity, and that is the level of the Messianic Redemption.

4. The benefit of a miracle that is hidden within nature is that when you perceive that that is the reality, you have a deeper appreciation, as opposed to a Miracle which is beyond nature, which we cannot understand.

5. When Moshiach comes, as the ultimate Infinity is revealed and it has no limitations, therefore it will bring beyond-reality permanently within reality.

6. When Moshiach comes, the physical world and people will Elevate to a state that we will all be vessels to contain the continuous Infinity within the finite.

7. Throughout Exile we refined all the Sparks called Avodas Habirurim, and therefore we are now able to take the infinite in the finite.

9. From The Exodus of Egypt to the Messianic Redemption, is a single continuous state which began with the power to refine the Sparks, Avodas Habirurim in the Messianic Redemption.

8. The world is a single state of going from slavery – spiritual slavery, to Redemption: Eternal spiritual growth.

9. Through remembering the Exodus from Egypt, as it is a direct link to the coming Redemption, we speed up the coming Redemption, that it should come immediately.