Chapter 30

1. And Rochel saw that she did not have any children for Jacob, and she became jealous of her sister and she said to Jacob “Provide for me children” and if not I am dead.

2. And Yaakov got angry at Rochel and he said “Am I God, that prevented you from having children.”

3. And she said “Here is my maidservant Bilha, please cohabitate with her, and she will have children on my knees and I will build from her.”

4. And she gave her, Bilha her maid as a wife, and Yaakov cohabitated with her.

5. And Bilha became pregnant and she bore for Jacob a son.

6. And Rochel said, “God has Judged Me and has heard my voice, and has giving me a son,” therefore she called his name Dan.

And Bilah became pregnant again and she gave birth, a Second Son to Jacob.

8. And Rochel said “My prayers to God succeeded” and I succeeded and she called his name Naftali.

9. And Leah saw that she stopped giving birth so she took Zilpah her maid and gave her to Yaakov as a wife.

10. And Zilpah the maid of Leah gave birth to Yaakov a son.

11. And Leah said “Good Fortune has come” and she called his name, Gud.

12. And Zilpah the maid of Leah, gave birth to a second son to Yaakov.

13. And Leah said, “I am lucky for Daughters will praise me” and she called his name Asher.

14. And Rueven went during the wheat harvest and found Dudaim flowers in the field, and brought them to Leah his mother and Rochel said to Leah, please give me from the Dudaim of your son.

15. So she said to her “is it not enough that you took my husband, do you also seek the Dudaim of my son?” So Rochel said, “for them you will sleep with Yaakov tonight.”

16. Leah went to greet Yaakov, as he came from the field in the evening, and she said to him “Please come to me tonight, for I have earned you with the Dudaim of my son” and he slept with her that night.

17. And God heard Leah and she became pregnant and she gave birth to Yaakov, a fifth son.

18. And Leah said, “God is giving me my reward, that I have given my maid to my husband” and she called his name Yissacher.

19. And Leah became pregnant again, and she had a sixth son for Yaakov.

20. And Leah said, “God has given me a good portion, this time my husband will make his portion with me for I gave him six kids,” and she called his name Zevulun.

21. Afterwards she gave birth to a daughter and she called her name Dina

22. And God remembered Rachel and he listened to her and he opened her womb.

23. And she became pregnant and she gave birth to a son and she said “God has removed my Shame.”

24. And she called his name Yosef meaning “God should give me another son.”

25. And it was when Rochel gave birth to Yosef, and Yaakov said to Lavan “send me away, and I will go to my place and to my land.”

26. “Give me my wives and my children, that I worked for them, and I will go – for you know the service that I served you.”

27. And Lavan said to him, “please, if I have found favor in your eyes, through magic I have realized that God has blessed me because of you.”

28. And he said, “Name your salary for me, and I will give it.”


He said to him “you know how hard I have work for you – how much sheep you had originally.”

30. “For the ittle bit that you had beforehand has multiplied to a vast number and God has blessed you when I came, and now when will I work for my own family.”

31. And he said “what shall I give you?” and Yakov said, “Do not give me anything, just do this, I will return and I will be pasture your sheep and protect them.”

32. “I’ll pass through all your sheep today and a remove from there any sheep which is spotted and streaked, and all brown sheep, I’ll also remove, every goat that is streaked or spotted and they will be my payment.”

33. “In the future this will be a sign of my honesty, I will let you inspect all that I have taken as my pay, any goat that is not spotted or streaked, any sheep without brown that is in my possession can be considered stolen.”

34. “Agreed” replied Lavan, “May it be as you say.”

35. That day Lavan remove the ringed and streaked male goats and all the spotted and streaked female goats, everyone with a trace of white – he also removed every sheep with brown markings – these he gave to his sons.

36. He then separated himself from Yaakov by the distance of a three-day Journey, Yaakov was left tending Lavans remaining sheep.

37. Yaakov took sticks of fresh storex almond and plane wood. He peeled White Stripes in them by uncovering the white layer under the bark

38. He set up the sticks that were peeled near the watering trough, where the flocks came to drink facing the animals. It was when they came to drink that they usually mated.

39. The animals mated in the presence of the sticks, and the young they bore were ringed, spotted and streaked.

40. Yaakov segregated the young animals. Still, he made the animals in Lavan’s flocks look at the ringed ones, and all those with brown markings. But he had his own flocks separately, and did not let them breed with Lavan’s flocks.

41. Whenever the stronger animals mated, Yaakov placed the sticks before their eyes at the troughs, so that they would mate facing the sticks.

42. But when the Sheep were feeble, he did not place the sticks. The feeble ones thus went to Lavan, while Yakov got the stronger ones.

43. And he became tremendously wealthy. He had many sheep and goats, as well as slaves, Maids, camels and donkeys.


I was just out of class and we were discussing the reason behind anti-Semitism and the lady who was hosting the class, who is very brilliant, asked me – she said: Rabbi, if what you’re saying is true, that the Arabs hate us because they’re jealous, that means there’s no solution to the problem! and I explained that the Rebbe actually said that until the Messiah comes, the Arabs will never make peace with us – but if we would like to do something, the one thing we could do, is a. every morning when we wake up thank-God for all of our blessings! for happy people, are nice people, and Teach Everyone This! so to the extent that you wish to beat hate, spread this message now


Sicha – Kedoishom 5749

1. The Rebbe Maharash’s birthday is on the 2nd of Iyar and his motto was Lichatchilah Ariber.

2. It’s well known his saying that most people try to climb under, but if they can’t go under they try to go over – I say, to begin with, you must start at the top.

3. In other words, a Jew should never reckon with the limitations of reality, for a Jew transcends it.

4. There are two lessons from the saying, the first is – that you always have to go higher than your current reality (for your current reality itself is a limitation relative to your next dimension.)

4b At the same time, this boundless Beyond limitation, must be done within the bounds and limitations of the world.

5. Because we are connecting to God therefore, simultaneously it is infinitely high and can descend into any low.

6. The Torah itself begins Lichatchilah Ariber:

A. the Torah begins with Breishis which is the prime reasons for creation, namely the Jewish people and the Torah;

B. The Torah teaches that in the beginning, the spirit of God, which is the spirit of Moshiach, which is the pulsation of Divinity into our reality, is present.

C. Simalerly, the Code of Jewish law begins, “I place God before me continuously,” and finishes that “a good heart is always glad” and we know that Joy breaks boundaries.

D. Simalerly, the Tanya begins with the fact that God gives us the ability to do our mission in life, and finishes with the doubled blessing.

7. This is also the beginning of our Parsha that we should be Holy, in fact reaching the Holiness of God! that no matter where we are, what era, what age, we can always be this holy.

8. The very goal of God, is that his Godliness should come right within us, and through US to everything.

9. As the Jewish people are the gift of God, therefore, even as they are in this world they must be so.

10. When we engage in doing God’s will, we transform even the curses in our lives into blessings.

11. By realizing our intrinsic Unity with God, as our soul is God, we realize how we are unified with everyone.

12. Through connecting with God, God being infinite, we are Beyond Death.

13. The Practical directive is that on the Rebbe Maharash’s birthday, we should take resolutions connected to all matters, of Lichatchilah Ariber, whether it’s Torab and Mitzvahs or worldly matters, both for oneself and for influencing others, based on the command to “Love a fellow as oneself,” especially teaching children, and certainly we’ll make Farbrengens and each one will help one another, with these resolutions, leading up to the time when in the Messianic era, when “No man will have to teach another, for all will know me, from young to old” immediately! in a way, of Lichatchilah Ariber, immediately now.


If you imagine life as a four rung ladder, at the very bottom are the Misnagdim, who delusionally believe that they are God, and any other narcissistic- after that comes those who being afraid – because narcissistic bullies use shame and people are afraid of being shamed… then there are those people that have natural normal openness and love, and finally at the top, are those people that are truly humble – choosing the word of God