Understanding the insanity of anti-semitism

There is a mystical saying “the essence of “insanity” is evil.”

What is the essence of evil?

Nobody in all of you human history was born evil, so we must see it as a disease.

The other day, on NPR they reported, how what we have discovered with the Genome Project – that the fallacy of attributing individual genes – for example, schizophrenia, – is patently false, because within that disease itself, there are a thousand interrelated as well as emotional, societal, genetic factoyubu

One of the greatest Rabbis, Rabbi Moshe Luzzato, author of numerous amazing works, succinctly sums up the nature-nurture debate, as “it’s both.”

In other words, what’s fundamental to understand, factoyububuub, the Bible of Jewish mysticism says, each person has to various degrees 3 independent mutually competing Souls.

The best part of us, is our Essence, the Divine soul.

The part that makes us different to an animal, yet not necessarily wise, is the mind.

The most instinctive and reactive part of our self, is the animal soul.

The Animal Soul itself subdivides into four categories:

Earth is our capacity for laziness and sadness.

Water is our tendency to seek all that is pleasurable.

Fire is our drive for pride, and anger when our pride is hurt.

Finally, air is our enjoyment of fun, which is compared to air, as it is substanceless.

What’s most important for the sake of understanding evil is, that though no one is born in evil, because we all have an innate drive toward’s pride and arrogance – whereas pride in one’s positive, is actually a wonderful thing, for it drives more of it – however arrogance which is the belief that “I am intrinsically better than another” often, actually (as notably in the case of the Arabs and) as psychologically documented, (narcissism) is a result of a belief that one is inferior!

The result of this “superiority complex” is an intransigent personality.

The reason for this is, because somebody who believes that they are ENTITLED, cannot handle not getting their way.

Finally and this is the core point, because by Nature we are jealous of those who we assume are similar to us – which is why ironically and having lived for over a decade in South Africa I can attest to this – the vast majority of blacks are not anti-Semitic – but those gentiles who do feel equally entitled – coupled with suffering from delusional states of arrogance, creating states of anger – which is the classic reason for bullying, causes an irational hate.

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