There is the paradigm of idolatry and Atheism, You know, in which random forces somehow conspired to create order – but because it has no purpose, therefore your life is meaningless – while there is the religious monotheistic ideals based on: my God, who has certain, either egotistical desires or ideals, which when a man fulfills them he is rewarded or punished – but ultimately, the truth is, that the universe is a place in which Souls, actually part of God, descend into bodies, but not knowing their source, through trial and error, and eventually through the prosperity – the miraculous unbelievable Prosperity! – unfathomable in all of human history, that the average person can buy heat and cold and phones etc. Leads one to realize, the futility, stupidity, meaninglessness and aimlessness, and therefore, through seeking truth, a window combining the highest and the lowest is opened

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