10 steps from optimum to Infinity

1. Realize you are obviously a soul in a body.

2. Obviously your soul comes from the Source.

3 As there is only one Source, in fact you share your soul with every other human being.

4. As both science and mysticism teach, everything is preordained.

5. As the Source is your soul, and though the child may not love the parent as much as the parent loves a child – for the child realizes not they are from the parent – as much as a parent realizes that the child is itself walking outside of itself, so therefore everything that Source does is only to benefit us.

6. We feel pain when we perceive loss, as we feel pleasure when we perceive gain, so for everything you believe you lost – Believe, Find, a Silver-lining, which is why it occurred.

7. The greatest gift that the Source gave us is the ability to also give gifts.

8. Read “Discover The Meaning Of Your Life” to find the five-step secret.

9. Now as Source is a Pulsating Conscious Being – we know now from science, that the Universe consistently pulsates in and out of existence, as the Kabbalah taught – therefore Source, like a GPS, is always around us and seeks to, like a loving parent advise us.

10. There are three mechanisms to receiving the Divine GPS –

The first is to know the general direction, as the Source revealed through Moses and accurately for 40 Generations transmitted, until it was written, first in the Mishnah, then the Talmud, and the great Doctor and Codifier of Jewish / Talmudic Law, the Rambam, explains, that there are 613 General Commandments for every Jew + 7 for every Human Being –

The second way to get the source’s Direction is by appointing a “Master,” which is a Chabad Rabbi, and if you have a spiritual question, ask, and I through them God will advise (You can go to Chabad.Org where there is a team of over 40 Rabbis who’ve already answered over 500,000 questions.)

Additionally for financial advice, speak to a businessman who is a friend, and accept that his opinion is God’s advice to you.

– Furthermore as all studies are proving, you must eat healthy and exercise, PREVENTING Illness and if you do have an illness, go to a Doctor, ideally a friend, and again follow his advice – for God will come through him or her;

And last but not least, if you seek God’s advice directly, as Jewish mysticism teaches, you can ask, and the first thought that comes after you ask, is actually the Source in your mind!!