Mammer – Vnacha 5714

1. When we have the revelation of the spirit of God, what matters not is our intellect, but our obedience to it.

2. The reason why the Kabbalists term the flow of Divinity as a light, because the light, even as it’s outside of its source, is 100% based on it.

3. In the highest world of Atzilus where the truth permeates, therefore the souls there understand, that all that truly exists, is the source.

4. God is infinitely Beyond and infinitely within.

5. What is unique about Moshiach is that heal bring the infinite in the finite.

6. Our sages teach that God requests that we live together in love, and that Moses requested that we all attain prophecy, and when Moshiach comes, both these requests – for in the Infinity of God all is possible – will manifest.

7. Because Moshiach combines above and below, therefore he combines both the spirit of Prophecy as well as the knowledge of Truth, and this energy, coming from the essence of God, will be given to each and every Jew!

8 In fact this will permeate even the animal realm, as we know, the verse, that “the wolf will lie with the lamb,” until even the Physical Realm, As We Know the world will be filled with the knowledge of God – even physical matter, as it states, that a rock will speak words of wisdom.

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