Mammer – Al Shloisha 5714

1. The Mishnah says, the world stands on three things: Torah study, prayer and good deeds.

2. The reason something exists is only to express its essence.

3. The essence of the world is to reveal God, which occurs through Torah study, prayer and good deeds.

4. The infinite light of God is infinitely high and infinitely low.

5. Generally speaking this refers to the height of the world of Atzilus and the lowness of our physical dimension.

6. Within each world, the physicality / its existence part, is its lowness, and its perception of the Infinity of God, that makes its entire existence non-existence, is its height.

7. Generally speaking, Torah and prayer is the idea of the Yin and the Yang, the Ratzu and the Shuv.

8. Torah is drawing the infinite into the finite.

9. Prayer is drawing the finite into the infinite.

10. Before we pray, in order to arouse in ourselves a desire to connect to God Beyond us, we have to feel rejected and dejected, which we do by contemplating how many of our thoughts speech and actions are actually stemming from darkness, and furthermore, often our actual desires are in darkness.

11. To the extent that we love God is the extent that like in all relationships, God’s love for us manifest.

12. God gives us the initial Spark to do good, but it is only through our study of Torah and goodness that we then bring, like the difference between Dew and the rain – the ultimate reaction.

13. Whenever we study Torah, we draw down a similar reaction of Divinity, and when we study Chassidus, we draw down the essence.

14. When we pray we begin the verse, Adnay Sifasei Tiftach “God open my lips” “Ufi Yagid Tihilasecha – And may my mouth say the words of your praise” which means, that our prayers should not only go up, but like the Torah, brings energy down, similarly, our prayers, through the Divine should manifest.

15. When Moshiach comes, Infinity which reaches infinitely high, and infinitely low, will become a single unit.

16. When we study Torah, pray and do good deeds, we are simply put, fulffiling the very purpose of existence.

17. Whenever we engage in Torah, prayer and Good Deeds, we draw down the Infinity of God, though now we cannot see it, but when Moshiach comes, we will.

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