Sicha – 2 Iyar 5759

1. The second of Iyar, is the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash.

2. His motto in life was “Lichatchilah Ariber.”

3. In other words, never look at obstacles only look proudly at Solutions.

4. The idea of Lichatchilah Ariber is in all parts of the Torah.

5. Firstly in the written Torah, it begins with the idea that God makes light, and in fact, this light, like a crystal ball, one could see through Heaven and Earth, and the first letter of the Torah is Bais, which is Blessing – and first God created the spirit of God over the water, which is the spirit of Moshiach.

6. The beginning of the Gemorrah is to have the highest level of reverence of God.

7. The Shulchan Aruch begins with the word STRENGTH and “Placing God before your eyes all the time.”

8. The Tanya begins with the fact that God gives your soul all the energy it needs to transform the world.

9. When Moshiach comes, we will infinitely always elevate.

10. The Rebbe gave out charity, and even though he said that the charity that he’s giving out is limited – everybody should try to infinitely increase.


I was walking down the boardwalk in a random isolated Little Beach in California – fisherman at the very end – most of them seeming like immigrants and destitute, we’re catching crabs – as I walked down the boardwalk I Heard a Voice say “you will see the Moshiach” and I saw one fisherman, if you could call him that – more like a slightly mentally challenged individual – Not only was he not holding a crab, he was holding the leg of a crab, and he was looking to sell it perhaps for a dollar or two and as he approached someone to sell it – I heard him say to himself, “but he has a family, I should really sell it to him for half price”


Mammer – Vnacha 5714

1. When we have the revelation of the spirit of God, what matters not is our intellect, but our obedience to it.

2. The reason why the Kabbalists term the flow of Divinity as a light, because the light, even as it’s outside of its source, is 100% based on it.

3. In the highest world of Atzilus where the truth permeates, therefore the souls there understand, that all that truly exists, is the source.

4. God is infinitely Beyond and infinitely within.

5. What is unique about Moshiach is that heal bring the infinite in the finite.

6. Our sages teach that God requests that we live together in love, and that Moses requested that we all attain prophecy, and when Moshiach comes, both these requests – for in the Infinity of God all is possible – will manifest.

7. Because Moshiach combines above and below, therefore he combines both the spirit of Prophecy as well as the knowledge of Truth, and this energy, coming from the essence of God, will be given to each and every Jew!

8 In fact this will permeate even the animal realm, as we know, the verse, that “the wolf will lie with the lamb,” until even the Physical Realm, As We Know the world will be filled with the knowledge of God – even physical matter, as it states, that a rock will speak words of wisdom.