What it seems few realize, as Dr. Kulick a preeminent psychiatrist has told me, and something I have personally discerned and observed, is that coercing another to do “what’s right” – if they are not say your child or student, is simply a subconscious “valid” form of abuse

The greatest book of wisdom is the Tanya and in the Tanya the essence of its wisdom, is that we can either take pride in ourselves – now pride is the driver of all our emotions, the proof being a depressed person, which is a person who unfortunately feels shame in themselves, lacks all emotions, and because our emotions come from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which practically means the attraction to both selflessness as well as selfishness, and when we are egotistical, prone to anger, jealous hate and maliciousness – therefore, the only way we can, on one hand have the energy to do good, without it interfering with the desires to do bad – is to take pride only in our Divine side