Chapter 29

Chapter 29

1. And Yaakov lifted his feet and went to the land of the children of Kedem.

2. And he saw and behold there was a well in the field, and there were three groups of shepherds hovering over it – for from that well they would water their flocks – and a great rock was on top of the well.

3. And all the flocks gathered there, and they rolled off the stone over the well, and they watered their sheep and then they returned the stone to cover the well in its place.

4. And Yaakov said to them, “My bothers, from where are you?” and they said, “We are from Charan.”

5. And he said to them, “Do you know Lavan the son of Nachor?” and they said, “We do.”

6. And he said, “Are things well with him?” and they said, “Yes, and behold his daughter Rochel is coming with the sheep.”

7. And he said, “But the day is still young – it is not the time yet to gather in the sheep – water your sheep and go to the pastures.”

8. And they said, “We can’t until all the flocks gather and together we roll the stone from the wells covering, and then we can water our sheep.”

9. As he was speaking to them and Rohel came together with the sheep of her father, as she was a shepherdess.

10 And when Yaakov saw Rochel the daughter of Lavan, the brother of his mother, and the sheep of Lavan, the brother of his mother, Yaakov approached and he single-handily rolled the stone, off the well covering and he gave water to the sheep of Lavan, the brother of his mother.

11 And Yaakov kissed Rochel, and he raised his voice and wept.

12 And Yaakov told Rochel that he was the brother of her father and that he was the son of Rivka, and she ran and told her father.

13 When Lavan heard about Yaakov the son of his sister, he ran to greet him, he hugged and kissed him, and brought him to his home, and he told Lavan all these things.

14. And Lavan said, “You are one of us,” and he resided there a month.

15. And Lavan said to Yaakov, “Though you are my brother, should you work for me for free? – tell me what should be your salary.”

16 Now Lavan had two daughters, the name of the older one was Leah, and the name of the younger one was Rochel.

17 The eyes of Leah were tender and Rochel was very beautiful.

18. And Yaakov loved Rochel and he said, “I will work for you for seven years for Rochel your younger daughter.”

19 And Lavan said, “Better I should give her to you, then to give her to another man – stay with me.”

20 And Yaakov worked for Rochel for seven years, and all those years were like a few days in his estimation, as he loved her so much.

21. And Yaakov said to Lavan, “Bring my wife, as the days have been complete, and I will marry her.”

22 And Lavan gathered all the people of the place and made a feast.

23 And it was evening and he took Leah his daughter and brought her to him and he was intimate with her.

24. And Lavan gave her Zilpah her maid – to Leah his daughter as a maid.

25. And morning came and he realized she is Leah, and he said to Lavan “What have you done to me – did I not work for Rochel for you; and why did you deceive me?”

26. And Lavan said, “We do not act this way in our locale, to give the younger, before the older.”

27. “Finish this week and I will also give you this one (Rochel) for the work you shall work with me for another seven years.

298. And so Yaakov did – and the week was fulfilled and he gave him Rochel his daughter as a wife.

29. And Lavan gave to Rochel his daughter Bilha, her maid to her as a maid.

30 And he was intimate also to Rochel and he loved Rochel more than Leah, and he worked with him another seven years.

31 And God saw that Leah was despised so he opened her womb and Rochel was barren.

32 And Leah became pregnant and she gave birth to a son, and she called him Rueven, for she said that “God has seen my affliction, for now my husband will love me.”

33 And she became pregnant again and she gave birth to a son and she said “For God has seen that I am hated and therefore He gave me also this one” and she called his name Shimoin.

34. And she became pregnant again and she gave birth to a son, and she said, “Now this time my husband will be attracted to me, for I gave birth to him three sons,” therefore she called his name Levi.

35 And she became pregnant again and she gave birth to a son and she said “This time I offer gratitude to God” therefore she called his name Yehuda, and she stopped giving birth.

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