The 10 secret pathways to higher consciousness

1. The very first moment you wake up is the transition from when the soul is in heaven and has a higher consciousness and if you immediately Express gratitude to God, you will bring higher enlightenment.

2. If you pray in the morning, mainly expressing gratitude… for gratitude combines your soul to the source.

3. If something bad happens to you, find the good in it, because pain is a feeling of loss.

4. Feeling good comes from doing good.

5. Love unconditionally.

6. Have no desires, but to do the will of your Creator.

7. If you see someone in pain and you can do something, that is your only gain.

8. See your body as worthless and your Divine soul as priceless.

9. The past and the future and the present are all stages in an infinite growth loop.

10. Know that the future not only contains the Utopian Messianic era, but for those willing to be humble, they can have it now.

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