Truth’s evolution

1 The first to discover truth was Abraham – from a cursory understanding, the truth he discovered: That all of creation has a single Creator – he also innovated altruistic kindness, sacrifice (for one’s ideals/belief).

2. The next evolution of Truth is Moses – he revealed – as the greatest Prophet – God’s guidebook – He also publicly established God as one, to whom ethics, morality, compassion, deeply matters.

3. The next evolution of Truth was David – he revealed, that God’s chosen people are the Jews.

4. The next in the evolution of Truth is the author of the Zohar (the primary work of Kabbalah) Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai – This is a “scientific” understanding of Spiritual truths.

5. The next evolution of Truth was Rabbi Shnuer Zalman, author of the Bible of Jewish mysticism, the Tanya – in essence, the teachings of the Maharal, the Shaloh, and the Baal Shem Tov and the Maagid, the beginning of the revelation of the Infinity of the Infinite – unlimited, and “continuously communicating lessons for growth,” is revealed.

6. The final frontier of the evolution of Truth is the greatest Mind, Master, Rabbi, namely, Rabbi Schneersohn, who revealed, that all of creation is simultaneously an individualized process (namely, as the Creator is infinite – for each there is an individualized infinite process) consisting of three stages: 01. Discovery – man’s quest for meaning, that leads, then to God 02. God’s quest for man, that then leads God’s continually (see # 5) educating man, but most importantly: 03. When The Prior Two Become One.