Understanding one of the most bizarre plagues – anti-semitism

We have recently seen clear antisemitism.

Some people mistakenly disagree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s assumption that “anti-Israel is antisemitism.”

“Legitimate criticism…”

But if I am bullying, targeting, humiliating – seeking after five failed wars, sanctions! – if I reject the grounds of one people to have safety and security…. while not criticizing regimes that are truly evil – you may call yourself anti-Zionist, but you’re anti-semite.

Funnily enough we have Jews who are antisemites – why?

Why would anyone, hate?

And that is the crux.

You see, antisemitism is nothing more and nothing less, than irrational hysteria.

Whether it was Hitler, Arafat and the slew of murderers – when hate, which is an emotion – based on ego (just as conversely love – also based on ego, the former – “what opposes my grandeur,” the latter, “what contributes”) so understating how even Jews can be – against themselves! is quite a feat.

To dissect this insanity, it pays to mention that one of the greatest psychologists ever, was Melanie Klein– Melanie Klein was a student of Freud, and she wrote and based all of her psychology on the singular subconscious emotion of jealousy.

In Josef Berke (a disciple of Kleinian psychology) “Tyranny of Malice” (a book all about how evil jealousy causes people) and more precisely in Jewish mysticism, the subconscious layers – causing otherwise normal people to act ignobly and violently, are peeled.

You see, within us all, we have three independent operating systems (in the words of Kabbalah, “three masters.”)

We have the mind (which is unique among all mammals, and all other living beings – an independent ability – located mainly in the prefrontal cortex.)

We have emotions – these, as we share with all animals, are primarily attraction (love, “desire toward”) and fear (retraction “desire away.”)

And then we have the ego – the ego is the expectation – so if I expect to be treated say royally, and I am not (say I am a CEO or Prince) this seems unfair. – And the ego can handle being higher, even equal, but never lower, lowered or humiliated. (This is why we get shamed, and desire vengeance – Best and perhaps most apt description of ego is the wicked queen in snow white, whose expectation of being the most beautiful, caused her to fly into a rage – it is this anger based on a subconscious expectation, that is the core of all malice, tyranny and evil.)

Now in the healthy development of a human being, we first develop a very powerful ego – as Rabbi Schneersohn (the Previous Rebbe) writes (and psychology confirms) there is no greater ego than a little child (which is why, expecting to get their way, they throw tantrums.) When they realize that they are but a little and not capable of manipulating, they become humble and interested in wisdom – Nonetheless, we all retain a hidden wish – “once again to be capable of manipulating” – ironically, most ego is caused by shame – someone jealous of our dignity begins to see faults – and this imaginative (though of-course “what we ‘think’ is what we believe”) “horrific evil” is then used as a justification to demean.

In summary, antisemitism, is the same source of bullying – it is when we (which is why it can even happen to Jews) develop (often through narcissism, which is a cover for “narcissistic wounding,” though it can also be from “too many accolades” (perhaps explains Noam Chopsky’s antisemitism) become so enamored with our perfection (grandeur) that another person – and this is the crux, as Jews represent, as Eisenstein writes “compassion and love” – we feel that they are stealing our thunder (though this analysis may seem complex – and of-course such a bizarre disease must be! – suffice it to say, that reality and our place in it, is all subjective.)