Okay, so thank God, God has afforded me the gift of time, and inquisitive mind and we are sitting now on more studies and data than ever before in human history and So based on what I have read from obviously top experts in the field, and conversations with doctors who are friends, the following as the Rebbe teaches us – that the most important medicine is preventative! – as the Rambam says, “if you follow my diet, I guarantee you’ll never get sick.” #1 Drink at least eight glasses of water, for the kidneys must get flushed of toxins #2. Sugar and those things that cause spikes in our blood sugar level, causing insulin, which is the reaction to glucose is fundamentally unhealthy. #3 The diet of Health is ideally plant-based with exclusively olive oil – obviously we need some salt number. #4 Positive thinking, for in stress our immune system is weak. And last but not least, at least daily moderate exercise – and if you’re not getting approximately 10 minutes of vitamin D in the sun, you need to be taking a supplement

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