The simple facts, based on the simple truth – namely, that every action which includes every idea, has a reaction / emotion

  1. In order to live a meaningful life, you must do what you consider meaningful.
  2. In order to live a peaceful life, you must have peace.
  3. in order to have peace, you mustn’t have fear
  4. in order to not have fear, you must have faith
  5. in order to have faith, you must have confidence/trust
  6. in order to have confidence / trust, you must have security
  7. in order to have security, you must have knowledge that you are safe
  8. in order to feel safe, you must either so be, or believe that all that seems bad is really good
  9. in order to believe that all that seems bad is really good, you must believe that everything in life, since Adam mixed the realm of evil into the realm of love (when he ate the forbidden fruit, causing evil to permeate into an otherwise innocent realm) hence all contains both a positive and a negative, a force for joy, love or growth… and by seeing what joy, love or growth any event contributes, you transform bad to good

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