Here are five absolutes: 1 we are a composite of idealism and selfishness bordering on pathological narcissistic psychopathy 2 to the extent that we feel safe, is the extent that we can be kind, for in insecurity, the amygdala-nuclei region, an almond-shaped sized part of the brain, prevents rational thinking 3. as there will always be, until the Messianic era, “jealous of love” people, one must develop the ability to love despite anyone’s shame 4. as confidence is a result of success, and as success is a result of doing God’s will, to the extent that we obey God’s personal GPS for us, we will feel confident. 5. as anxiety is feeling unsafe – to the extent that you believe: All is run through a supernatural mechanism, in which everything both good and bad, is merely a step in an Infinity Journey – nothing can phase you!