The Rebbe on Vayakhel


In order to bring about Unity which comes through identification, we must understand and we must share this understanding, that everyone and everything has a unique role in the grand cosmic plan.

This is magnified, even more so by the Jewish people, because though they exist in different bodies they are all the same soul.

This is the meaning of the verse: “To love your fellow Jew as yourself,” that one must realize that without their fellow Jew, they are but half, and every other fellow Jew completes them.

To create this unity, we must begin with the understanding that in fact we and God or two halves, as God created our soul, and then merges his soul into ours, and then like two flames merge into a single flame.

One must wake up from sleeping one’s life away in the delusions of culture.
The first step to consciousness, is the knowledge that as your soul is God and your soul is you, therefore you and God are the same.

All this is hightened, with the awareness that the beginning of the ingathering of the Jews – the Rebbe was referring to the Jews leaving Russia – was miraculous.

The lesson from Parshas Shekalim is that we must completely dedicate our lives to giving charity – charity can be given in one of three mechanism – either 10%, 20% or everything.

Furthermore, we must not only give a donation, but donate our lives to it, thinking, and speaking about how to assist.

In recompense for us helping others, God will bring the Righteous Moshiach.