Jewish life hacks

#1. First life hack from Judaism, which is actually the most famous, in fact the majority of the world now ascribes to it! it’s called, “Know That There Is A Force Beyond All Forces, That Controls At Its Will, Everything.”

#2. The Creator, who is of-course wonderful and beautiful and is sensitive – He is humble and therefore humble people, like a mirror, reflect energy – so: If You Want Positive Energy, All You Need To Do – just as you feel positive around positive people- Be Positive.

#3. In order to be positive, as Kabbalah teaches – the first thought of the day creates your train of thoughts – As Soon As You Wake Up, Thank-God For At Least Five Things! And Within Two Weeks You Will Generate Positivity.

#4 If you wish to prevent resentment, like poison through your bloodstream, taking otherwise a healthy body, mind, soul and most importantly, 💓 – converting it into anger, depression, jealousy, fear, anxiety, mean,ness – all you need to do, is: Every Night, Say To God, That You Forgive Everyone, Whether In This Lifetime Or Past Lifetime, For Anything Bad They Have Done To You.

#5. One of the greatest, if not the greatest lifehack, is that, God being unlimited, hence though he is not limited by the limitations of us, limited people in time and space, nonetheless, he can descend within time and space, and there are two ways to achieve this, the first is: You Can Ask God What To Do, And The First Thought Is His Reply!

#5b The second is, If You Have Financial Concerns, Speak To A Friend Who Has Expertise In Financial Matters, Like A Businessman.

#5c If You Have Medical Concerns, Speak To A Doctor Who Is A Friend.

#5d Most Importantly, Always Eat Healthy To Prevent All Illnesses!

#6. In marriage a. See Your Spouse As The Other Half Of Your Soul.

B. Realize, All Relationships Are Based On Give And Take, Which Means Meeting Each Other Halfway – In The Recognition That The Point Of Relationships, Is To Create Unity.

#7. In Rearing Children, “No” Is Perhaps Even More Important Than “Yes.”