if you want to figure out people’s intentions, know this, there are only five possible reasons somebody will be interacting with you: the first and lowest reason is because they are jealous or they hate you because you did something to them – they will be demeaning you – the second is that they love you, but this love like children or like a dog relates much more to their own gratification of receiving love and the naive perspective that all people love, and therefore they benefit in some way – this can also be sexual attraction, so the love is not based on the person, the love is based on something I can get from them, though we don’t realize this is the reason; the third is I have love based on identification, which means I know the other is like me, like a brother or a fellow Jew, a fellow Citizen… and this love always includes respect, it is the opposite of disrespect – the 4th is I need something from you so I don’t love you, I don’t hate you, it’s like I interact with my bank, and my bank interacts with me – this is business, it’s called an exchange, and the 5th which is the highest, is Compassion and Duty

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