The Bible – A Modern Translation/Explanation – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

  1. And Avram was 99 years old, and God appeared to Avram and said to him – “I am God your protector – Go in my ways, and be complete.”
  2. And I will place my covenant between me and between you, and I will greatly increase your offspring.
  3. And Avram fell on his face and God spoke to him saying:
  4. “Behold My covenant is with you, and you will be as a father, for many nations.
  5. Your name shall not be called in the future Avram, rather Avraham – for a father (Av) of many nations (ham) I have made you.
  6. I will make you very fruitful and create from you nations, and kings from you shall descend.
  7. And I will establish my covenant between me and you, and between your children following you forever – an everlasting covenant – to be for you, and for them a God (guide.)
  8. And I will give to you and your children following, the land that you are dwelling in, the entire land of Kannan, as an everlasting inheritance – and I will be for them as a G-d.”
  9. And G-d said to Avraham – “Now keep my covenant – you and your children following you, forever.
  10. This is my covenant that you should keep, between me and you, and between your children following – all males should be circumcised.
  11. And you should circumcise the flesh of the foreskin, and it will be a sign of my covenant between me and you.
  12. At eight days old, every male child though all generations should be circumcised.
  13. You shall surely circumcise all born into your household, and my covenant should be in your flesh as an everlasting covenant.
  14. And a foreskinned male who does not circumcise his foreskin – his soul will be cut off from her people – for he has desecrated my covenant.”
  15. And God said to Avraham, “Saria your wife – Do not call her name Sarai, for Sarah is her name.
  16. And I will bless her and I will also give from her a son to you – and I will bless her, and she will be into nations – kings of nations from her will emanate.”
  17. And Avraham fell on his face and rejoiced, and he said to himself “Amazing! that a hundred year old will give birth and Sarah a nighty year old will give birth!”
  18. And Avraham said to God, “If only Yishmoel will live with faith.”
  19. But God said, “Sara your wife will give birth for you a child, and you will call his name Yitzchok, and I will establish my promise with him, an everlasting covenant for his children following.
  20. And I have also agreed to what you requested regarding Yishmoel – I have also blessed him, and I will increase him and multiply him exceedingly – twelve princes will he beget and I will make him into a great nation.
  21. And my promise I will keep with Yitzchok – whom Sarah will give birth to – at this time, next year.”
  22. And He finished speaking to him, and God lifted from over Avraham.
  23. And Avraham took Yishmoel his son, and all those born into his household, and all acquired through money, all males in the household of Avraham, and he circumcised the foreskin of their flesh, in that very day, as God spoke to him.
  24. And Avraham was ninety-nine years old, when he circumcised himself.
  25. And Yishmoel was 13 years old, when he circumcised himself.
  26. In middle of this day, Avraham and Yishmoel his son circumcised themselves.
  27. And all the men of his household, and all he had acquired from acquisition, he circumcised them.