The Bible – A Modern Translation/Explanation

Chapter 16

  1. And Sarai the wife of Avram did not bear for him children, and she had an Egyptian maid whose name was Hagar.
  2. And Sarai said to Avram, “Behold G-d has caused me not to be able to give birth – Have relations, with my maid, maybe I will build from her,” and Avram listened to the voice of Sarai.
  3. And Sarai, the wife of Avram took Hagar the Egyptian, her servant, and gave her as a wife to Avram, this was after ten years after Avram settling in the land of Kannan.
  4. He came to Hagar and she got pregnant, and she realized that she was pregnant, and her Mistress was diminished in her estimation.
  5. And Sarai said to Avram, “I am angry at you – I gave you my maid to you, and she sees that she became pregnant, and then she sees me as lower… – may G-d judge between us.”
  6. And Avram said to Sarai, “Here is your mistress; do to her as you see fit, and Sarai gave her hard work,” and she fled.
  7. And an angel of God found her on a fountain of water (namely next to) in the desert on the way to Shur.
  8. And he said, “Hagar the maid of Sarai, from where have you come and where are you going?” – and she said, “From Sarai my mistress I am fleeing.”
  9. And the angel said to her – “Return to you mistress and allow yourself to be afflicted.”
  10. And the angel of God said, “I will greatly increase your offspring, and they will not be countable.”
  11. And the angel of God said, “Behold you are pregnant and you will give birth to a son – and you should call his name Yishmoel – for God has heard your pain.
  12. And he will be a wild person: he will have his hand in everyone’s stuff, and everyone will have their hands in his; and before all his brother’s he will dwell.”
  13. And she called the name of God, who spoke to her, “You are G-d of seeing, for she said ‘Have I seen here, also after I have seen.’”
  14. Therefore the name of the well is called the well of Lachai Roi – it is between Kodeish and Bared.
  15. And Avram was eighty-six years old, when Hagar gave birth to Yishmoel to Avram.

The Rebbe on Moshiach

Charity For A Prince

The charity which we must give, to bring Moshiach, mustn’t be handouts, but seeing every Jew is a prince or princess, “A nation of Priests” – to such an extent…

Shabbos Parshas Acharie 5751

Charity For Redemption

When we give charity, we must have the specific intention to bring Moshiach.

Shabbos Parshas Tazria 5751

Creating Unity

And certainly we need to emphasize that the coming of Moshiach is through not G0d-forbid doing anything to harm another – the opposite of fellowship and Ahavas Yisroel.

Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim 5752

Festival Needs

We must spread to everyone the custom that thirty days before a festival, we begin to ensure that everyone has their needs (food, Matzah etc.)

Shabbos Parshas Teitzei 5751

Kiddush Levanah

The Mitzvah of Kiddush Levanah – is reminiscent of greeting the Shechinah – God (the Divine presence) hence it is connected to Moshiach (when both King David and the Shechinah will be present.)

Therefore, we must ensure that we do so with beautiful clothing, in the street, with a large gathering, and most importantly with the intention to bring Moshiach.

Shabbos Parshas Noach 5752