The Bible – Modern Translation/Explanation

Chapter 15

  1. After the above mentioned episodes, the word of God came to Avram in a vision, saying, “Fear not Avram, for I am your protector, and your reward is exceedingly great.”
  2. But Avram replied, “God my Lord, what (is the value) in what you can give, for I am childless and the steward of my household is Eliezer from Damascus.”
  3.  And Avram said, “But to me you have not given children, and therefore one of my household will inherent.”
  4. Then the words of God came to him saying, “This, will not inherit you – rather, one who will go from your loins.”
  5. And he took him outside and told him “Gaze please at the heavens and count the stars – Can you??!” And he said to him “So, many, will be your children.”
  6. And he trusted in G-d – and God considered (this trust) as a merit.
  7. And God said to him – “I am God who took you out of the land of Ur Casdim, to give you this land to inherit.”
  8. And he said “God my Lord, how will I know that I will inherit it.”
  9. And he said to him – “Take for me, three young cows and three goats, and three rams, and a turtle dove, and a young bird.”
  10. And he took for God all of these, and he split them in half, and he placed each part opposite its other half, and the bird, he didn’t (split.)
  11. And the vultures descended on the carcasses and Avram chased them away.
  12. And the sun began to set, and a deep sleep fell upon Avram, and a deep dark dear fear fell upon him.
  13. And he said to Avram, “You should know that strangers will be your children, in a foreign land, and they will enslave and torture them for four hundred years.
  14. Now the nation that will enslave them, I will judge, and afterwards they will leave with great wealth.
  15. And you will die in peace – you will be buried at a ripe old age.
  16. The fourth generation will return here – for the sin of the Amorites (whose land will be repossesed) will not have been completed yet.”
  17. And the sun set and it was dark, and a pillar of ash and fire passed between the (animal) parts.
  18. That day, God made a pact with Avram saying – “To your children I have given this land – from the river of Egypt, until the great Euphrates river.
  19. The Keini, The Kinizi, The Kadmoini.
  20. The Chiti, The Pirizi, The Rifaim.
  21. The Emoiri, The Kinani, The Girgashi, And The Yivusi.”

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