The Bible – A Modern Translation/Explanation

Chapter 14

  1. Now it was in the days of Amrofel the king of Shinar, Aryoich the king of Elasar, Kidarloimer the king of Eilam, and Sidal the king of Goyim.
  2. They waged a war against Bera the king of Sidoim and Birsha the king of Amoira, Shinav the king of Admah, and Shemever the king of Tzivoym, and the king of Bela, which is Tzaor.
  3. All of these gathered at the valley of Siddeim, which is the dead sea.
  4. For twelve years they served Kidarloimer and for thirteen years they rebelled.
  5. And in the fourteenth year, Kidarlaoimer and the kings with him smote the Rephaim in Ashterois Karnayim and the Zuzim in Ham and the Eimim in Shaveh Kiryasayim.
  6. And the Choiry in the mount Seir until Eil Paran which is alongside the desert.
  7. And they returned and came to Ein Mishpat which is Kadesh and he smote the entire field of Amalek and also the Emoiry who dwelled in Chatzon Tomer.
  8. And the king of Sedoim and the king of Amoirah and the king of Admah and the king of Tzivoyim and the king of Bela which is Tzaor, and they waged war against them in the valley of Sidim.
  9. Kedarloimer the king of Eilam, Sidal the king of Goyim, and Amrafel the king of Shinar and Aroich the king of Elasar – four kings, against five.
  10. And the valley of Sidim had many clay pits, and the king of Sodom and Omorah fled and fell in there, and the survivors fled to a mountain.
  11. And they took all the possessions of Sedoim and Amorah and all their food, and they left.
  12. And they took Lot and his possessions, the Son of Avram’s brother, and they went, and he was living in Sedoim.
  13. And the fugitive came, and told Avram the Hebrew – and we was dwelling in the plains of Mamrei, the brother of Eshkoil and the brother of Anner, who were Abrams cohorts.
  14. And Avram heard his brother was captured and he armed his trained men who grew up in his household – three hundred and eighteen, and he pursued until Dan.
  15. And at night – his servants and he chased them and the beat them and he chased them until Chovah which is to the left of Damascus.
  16. And he retuned all the possessions and also Lot his brothers, and all the possessions he returned, and also the women and the people.
  17. And the king of Sedoim went out to greet him after he returned from beating Kidarloimer, and the kings who were with him to the valley of Shaveh, which is the valley of the king.
  18. And Malki Tzeddek the king of Shaleim brought out bread and wine, and he was the priest to God above.
  19. And he blessed him and said – blessed is Avram to the God above, the possesor of heaven and earth.
  20. And blessed is the God above, who delivered your adversaries into your hand, and he gave him ten percent of everything.
  21. And the king of Sediom said to Avram, “Please give me the people and keep the possessions.”
  22. And Avram said to the king of Sedoim, “I swear by God above who possesses heaven and earth.
  23. I will not take from a thread to a shoelace, and anything which is yours, as I wish not you should say ‘I made Avram rich.’
  24. Except for that which the servants ate and the part for the people who went with me, Aner, Eshkoil, and Mamrieh – they will take their portion.”

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