The Rebbe’s Mammer Basi Ligani 5719

The goal of life is to transform our foolish passions for foolish desires, into a passionate passion for Divine delights.

The reason man does not percieve the fact that he is a creation, is because his creation is the intention.

Everything besides man, is only there to assist his Divine service.

Whenever we study Torah / do a Mitzvah – God Himself mirrors what we do.

When we use our thoughts, speech and action, thereby enabling Divinity to transmigrate into our universe, we fulfill the ultimate purpose.

Male aspect of Kelipah / evil is the selfish, lustful and certainly sadistic desires – while the female element of Kelipah, Is Not Having the courage to do what’s right.

Through our courage and doing what is right now – we reveal the Holiness, which will manifest in the Messianic era.

JUST as God’s presence filled every fiber of non-existence before existence – so too after everything was created, it’s only not visible.

Just as a sacrifice was taking an animal that has its own selfish powerful will, and offering it to God – so too we must take our selfish powerful will, and transform our pleasure and desire, to fulfilling his will.