Mammer Alter Rebbe – Parshas Teruma

79 c

Mi Yitencha

Just as if you wish to elevate a building, you must go from the lowest part, similarly, particularly through us going through Exile, and particularly through the conversion of great Souls, like Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Meir, Ovadiyah – that uplifted from the darkness, all the light.

Every day when we pray and particularly on Shabbos, which culminates all the prayers of the week, we Elevate all the time we spent working, etcetera to God.

A businessman who breaks away, more particularly humbles himself, to do the will of God, for Torah study – especially through charity! elevates more, than even a Torah scholar.

80 d


Tzaddikim cause the essence of God to be connected to the Jewish people – and Jewish people, involved in earning a living and giving charity, connect the essence of God to reality.

When business people make time to study Torah, this draws down the essence of God’s Delight.

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