Mammer Alter Rebbe – Parshas Teruma

79 c

Mi Yitencha

Just as if you wish to elevate a building, you must go from the lowest part, similarly, particularly through us going through Exile, and particularly through the conversion of great Souls, like Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Meir, Ovadiyah – that uplifted from the darkness, all the light.

Every day when we pray and particularly on Shabbos, which culminates all the prayers of the week, we Elevate all the time we spent working, etcetera to God.

A businessman who breaks away, more particularly humbles himself, to do the will of God, for Torah study – especially through charity! elevates more, than even a Torah scholar.

80 d


Tzaddikim cause the essence of God to be connected to the Jewish people – and Jewish people, involved in earning a living and giving charity, connect the essence of God to reality.

When business people make time to study Torah, this draws down the essence of God’s Delight.


The Rebbe on Parshas Teruma – quotes


The Rebbe says, that when Adar comes in, we have to add in joy, and in fact Joy is something that we must always do, like the Ari Zal, says, that the most important command of God is to be joyous – with the fact that we have his Torah and Mitzvos, and every moment that you live you are obligated to serve God, and therefore one should be happy all the time!

The reason why we add joy in the month of Adar, not in the month of Nisan, even though the Miracles of Exodus were far greater than the miracle of Purim, because in one aspect, namely, that in Purim, it was the transformation.. not the annihilation of the enemy, and therefore this is the ultimate goal.

The ultimate is when we transform, and we take pleasure in doing the will of God.

The practical application and the lesson from this week’s Parsha, is firstly we have to not only study Torah, but we have to do it with tremendous vigorous intelligent dedication – we not only have to give Tzeddakah, which is the most important Mitzvah, but we should give not only 10% or 20%, and even more, to the extent, “a person gives everything for his soul” and in addition, the general idea of making the Mikdash and Mishkan for Hashem, in the heart of a man, and each individual’s location, in addition to the synagogues and public locations and in the whole world, which includes influencing the Gentiles on the Mitzvos that they have – the seven noahide laws, like it says, that, “I will convert the whole world to serve God” and all this must be done with the joy, that goes beyond all your limitations.


When God chose us, he chose our physical bodies and he manifested himself within us, and as we know that something indivisible – a complete whole, like God – when you touch a part of it – you touch all of it.

Even though it may appear sometimes, that a Jew is sinning, but this is not his true desire, this is only the fact, that his Yetzer Hara has manipulated him, to go against his true self.

At Matan Torah, the Eibershter made, that because our Essence is imbued with him, therefore our connection to him is not logical, but it’s almost the core of our own self.

Every Jew in essence is wealthy – this is similar to what the Baal Shem Tov says, that just as the greatest scientist will never finish discovering the infinite benefits of the mineral deposits within the Earth’s crust, so too, nobody will ever plummet the depths of a Jewish soul.

When a Jew submits to God, then God submits to the Jew, in a way that the whole world can recognize this.

As a Jew is above, in other words, as we received the Torah, and we were pure, so too, are we in all times and all places.

The greatest joy that a Jew can have, is knowing, that even in this world, a world in which God Is concealed, within him God is revealed.

The nature of joy is it permeates every part of us, and therefore a joyous person, not only is happy, but everything they touch, they do it in a Joyful Way, and it spreads joy in the world and it creates a far more successful and joyous world.

When we are joyous, as a famous story in the Talmud, that a great Rabbi asked Eliyahu Hanavi who in the marketplace will receive the world to come and he pointed to two people who would tell people jokes – so not only do we receive the world to come, but we receive our world, and a joyous world at that.

Even in a state of poverty, the month of Adar, brings us to a state of wealth.

As in Matan Torah we received the essence of God within us, therefore no matter the outer state of a Jew, he is always-connected, and deserving of God’s blessing.

When God gave us the Torah, as opposed to previously, a person could be spiritual, but their spirituality and their body were two separate issues – now when we connect to God, God becomes interconnected within us.

As the Jew is intrinsically connected to the essence of all wealth, therefore the obligation of a Jew is to literally become wealthy – this begins with spiritual wealth, which is knowledge of Torah and performance of Mitzvahs in abundance, and it continues to physical wealth – as this enables a person to have peace of mind, in order to do Mitzvahs – particularly the most important Mitzvah of giving charity, in abundance.

In addition to the spiritual explanations to build a Mishkan, that God wishes to dwell in each of us, (the message obviously came to the Rebbe to tell us) that the time has come that we build the actual Bais Hamikdash and all people men, women, and children, will participate through contributing to it.

This is in addition to the teaching that we must always do all with joy.

On Rosh Chodesh Adar, we have the opening of The Gateway For Joy, and therefore one who is wise, will use it to manifest it.

We have to take on resolutions to increase things that will cause us joy, and every day of Adar, we must increase more, as we know, that joy comes from something new.

According to the principle, that all things that are good and holy, the more the merrier, and the sooner the better, so we must add in joyous additions immediately.

Practically speaking, you should do things that make you happy, and more importantly, do things to make others happy, for we know, the nature of joy, is specifically in unity.

So firstly we must study more Torah, as Torah brings joy, and furthermore the Torah that we study, must lead to practical Mitzvos.

The Mitzvos we do, should be done with great joy.

Furthermore, we should make sure that we are making ourselves and others happy – specifically, a father and husband should make his wife and children happy.

Through this joy we should transform the exile to Redemption.


The purpose of creation is for Hashem to dwell in us, which began at Matan Torah, and continued with the creation of the Mishkan and the two Holy Temples.

The many Parshas / Torah portions, that speak about the creation of the Mishkan, are all stages in the indwelling of God within man.

The Mishkan is a tool with which God uses to manifest himself within the world and us.

The Moshe Rabeinu of our generation, who is directly connected to God, connects us directly to God.

The essence of God through the pure soul of the Rebbe of the generation, reveals our own pure essence.

Even if our Behavior may have not been up to par, but because the essence is the Eternal Soul, nothing can ever erase its purity.

So no matter how distant we may think we are, we are all connected to God’s Essence, for it is our essence.

The spiritual idea of lighting the Menorah is that we have to, through prayer, light up our soul with a love of God, and this fire must burn in US, throughout the day, but furthermore it must also allow us to continuously burn brighter.

Furthermore, after we light up our own soul, through using the physical world for Divine purposes, such as giving charity, we convert the physical to spiritual matter.

Through the Jewish people being unified, our power to elevate is intensified.

From this we achieved the highest revelation of God, a Revelation which though it’s revealed, can never be understood.

And from here we come to the essence of the purpose of the Mishkan and the Beis Hamikdash, namely, sacrifices, which means, that we sacrifice ourselves for God’s will.

The idea of Chassidus is to reveal Godliness, until we’re revealing the highest levels of Godliness in this world.

We also must educate others to reveal their Divine soul.


Whenever Jews gather this is a joy for God.

By adding in our joy we add in God’s joy which brings us blessings.

When when God sees Jews United, this gives him joy, and adds to our blessing.

Purim is all about Jewish Unity, we see this in the fact that we give presents to one another – that we give charity, and charity must be given not in the way that I feel better than the other, but in the way that I understand that the other is doing me a favor, by allowing me to do a Mitzvah, and obviously in the meal that we have together – this is also in the giving of the half-shekel.

A Jew’s goal, as God says, when he created the world, he created it incomplete, so we should complete it through bringing Holiness into ourselves, and that Holiness expands into our home and from our home to the universe.

As the woman is the mainstay of the home, and she is the one who draws God into the home, therefore she has a main part in the dissemination of God to the world.

This is especially when it comes to Shluchois, for the mission of spreading God around the world, goes obviously to the those who are sent around the world.

By Nature every person is entitled to the basics, which is what God gives them, but if we seek extraordinary blessings, we must do extraordinary things.


The essence of the will of God is that within the reality – with its limitations that He created – a parallel spirit driven reality, shall permeate, Elevate, guide, transform and continuously parallel.


Just overheard the most amazing exchange, one preschool boy with righteous indignation!… complaining to the teacher that this girl purposely fell on him, and the girl perhaps to protect herself, begins to cry “it was an accident…” “it was an accident…” and of-course the teacher just wants to distract them – but the thing is this – why do we get so upset when something bad happens to us, if we perceive that it was malicious