All people are either ruled by the emotion of love, as we see, many liberals who just want to be nice irrespective of consequences, conversely, we can be Ruled by the emotion of fear of criticism, as we find many perfectionist – how, many people in countries that are authoritative such as Germany, Russia, Asian countries, in which people behave according to standards, yet there seems to be a lack of joy… this conversely creates a dimension of jealousy of those people who do have joy, and hence jealousy creates the subconscious ability to see evil in others, which is really what anti-Semitism is – it’s such a joke that those countries that are least moral are condemning the most moral, namely, Israel; because it is a desire to destroy those that have freedom when you feel repressed – There is also the emotion unfortunately of depression which is self loathing and hate – and finally there is Objective Reality