Imagine you were in a game which you thought, even though you intellectually realized must be created – because there was a time, before time, space and every creation – in fact, everything that’s living on this planet simply wasn’t alive – which obviously means based on birth and death Cycles it won’t be alive – and yet this reality was created in such a way for you to see yourself as real, and ideas such as this, as amorphous


because the nature of Love Is that we desire to fulfill the wishes of whom we love, as we can see clearly this applies even to ourselves – for the depressed person who has self-hate ceases to fulfill their own wishes – therefore a person must love unconditionally all those who are righteous, including the righteousness within, yourself and hate unconditionally all those who are sadistic – including the sadism within yourself


Mammer Alter Rebbe – truly unbelievable

Above there is the Heavenly Earth – and just like the earth below produces everything we need, for without the earth and its ability to produce food – even if you had all the gold and silver in the world, it would be worthless, so too the Heavenly Earth is what gives us true love for God.

This does not mean that we need not make an effort, for we must actually contemplate God’s greatness, however as this contemplation is connected to our own perception, and as we are egotistical and seek what is in our interest, therefore, whatever we can achieve is limited.

Conversely, when God gives us His love, this love is permanent, and is not dependent on when we are in the mood or not.

The essence of this love comes from the meditation that everything that exists is actually nothing! for everything, as we know, is continuously created by God, therefore it has no permanence – to borrow a modern example, it’s like an image on a screen, completely, dependent on the will of its Creator.

Now, though this meditation should fill one with a desire for that which is the only truth, the only permanence, the only source of everything, nonetheless, as we may be egotistical, which is a focus on selfish interests – this mind based meditation, may not penetrate.

The mind only functions, when the ego is erased.

In order to erase the ego, just like if you were to take a block of wood and carve from it a cup, you would have to chip away at the inside, so too, by realizing everything evil that you have done, you humble your ego.

After you carved your cup you would still need to wash it: and the washing is that instead of being like an animal – indulging randomly; you take from this world only what you need for yourself and others.

Furthermore, we must contemplate, how even the entire creation relative to God, is say like a Rock relative to the wisest man in the world; for God is infinitely Beyond being a Creator – he descended to an infinitely humble level, just to deal with details of creation, and then contemplating how our soul is part of God, and it descended into our body, and it is stuck in this physical and often narcissistic indulging self, so we can understand, how great is the empathy we must have upon God.

For the reason of polishing our soul, God has put us into this world, and therefore we must understand, that we have the exact amount of hours necessary to polish our soul, and we must fill it, with the Torah study, and performance of Mitzvahs which then, like the heavenly soil, create the Divine love.

In this merit, God will also remove the main evil that penetrated Man – by the eating of the forbidden fruit – which ultimately is an ego, which as we know – prior, man and woman were in intimacy with no embarrassment, but once ego enters, life becomes selfish.