Mammer Alter Rebbe – Mishpatim

The difference between believing and something and knowing it, is like the difference between hearing about something, and seeing it.

Our grasp that the only true existence is God, must be something akin to sight.

When we go from knowing something to feeling it, we have introduced the element of Daas.

The greatness of Moses is that he effects – the belief in God should become internalized.

Through learning Torah, the internalization of Divinity occurs.

This occurs especially through the learning of Jewish laws.


The Rebbe on Mishpatim – Quotes


Everything that happens is as the Baal Shem Tov teaches us, a lesson in life, and certainly things that happen to great countries, that have influence over many others, can teach a general and profound lesson.

This Friday there was a conference of Russia and America, with other countries, in which they decided to get rid of wars; lessen their weapons; and create a situation in which countries will help one another for the betterment of humanity.

In fact, before this event, the President announced that they’re minimizing their weapons spending, and using this money for feeding people in the country, which was authorized by Congress.

We can learn from this about our fundamental Mission which is to bring the Moshiach.

One of the well-known prophecies regarding Moshiach, is that we will get rid of all our weapons, for we won’t have any states of war, and we will use them as instruments of agriculture.

These changes come about through the education of the Moshiach.

As nations of the world are currently announcing about ridding weapons of Destruction, and using it for agricultural use, therefore, this is a clear sign, that the beginning of the time of the end of Wars, between nations has begun.

Through the effect of Moshiach, God is putting into the hearts of the leaders of the world to be more peaceful.

This is why this announcement happened now, as it’s right about the time, that Moshiach is going to come.

This also occurred in New York which is the city that the Previous Rebbe established his headquarters, and the UN headquarters were shortly thereafter established there as well.

Not only did the Previous Rebbe establish his headquarters, but from New York went out the light of Torah and goodness and Justice, to the whole world, by influencing the Jewish people around the world, particularly those that are within Non-jewish centers, and even more particularly, through influencing goodness and kindness in the world, through the seven noahide laws.

This is all, because we are approaching the time, that entire world, will serve God as one.

Furthermore, we see how in Russia itself, the old regime that had a war against Judaism…. Until putting the Previous Rebbe in prison, which led to his eventual release from the country, nonetheless, the Chassidim in secret continued spreading Judaism, but now it comes to a time, that we have a new regime, that bases itself on goodness and Justice and peace, based on faith in God.

This event hastens the coming of the Messiah.

Just as we add from the weekday onto Shabbos, to make Shabbos earlier, so too, as Moshiach is about to come, some of the revelations of peace and unity that will happen then, are beginning.

When Moshiach comes, because the knowledge that God is continuously recreating the world will be manifest, hence our love for and humility to God, will create, that nobody will harm one another.

Even if there’s a law in the Torah that makes sense, based on logic – this is only because God in His kindness decided that this should make sense; the reason we do the will of God, is simply because, that is the only way to be a good person.

The reason why human nature abhors evil and celebrates goodness, is because this is the Divine will.

So when your brain is able to feel, the same way that God teaches – though you may have an inclination based on your own Instinct, the primary reason to do it, of-course is because, it is a command, and that is something which is permanent, and not dependent on how you feel.

Simalerly, a gentile has to do the seven noahide laws, even if he agrees with them intellectually, only because, so has God commanded him.

This will reach its Zenith, in the times of Moshiach, when as it states, the whole striving of the world will be to know God better.

We are able to internalize and “know” God, through the study of Chassidus.

Furthermore, they doing this in the UN, which is a historic event in human history, as we are approaching Moshiach, and on the wall of the UN is written the verse that “there will be peace in the world and we will beat our swords into plowshares.”

Based on the announcement of the Previous Rebbe and great rabbis that the time of Moshiach has come, therefore we are seeing these profound historical Universal loving and just directive changes, as we are about to come into the Massianic era.

The reason why the world had to go through so much trauma, is that infinite and permanent and Everlasting peace occurs, when the humans themselves realize that it is in their own interest.

To hasten the coming of the Messiah, that should have already been here, we need to add in love and peace, and particularly, charity and kindness.

A Jew must live with his fellow Jews, and in fact with everybody, as a partner, in which we understand, that the others benefit is my benefit as well.

By constructing our own heart and home and room into a Temple for God, through doing more prayer, Torah study and acts of kindness, we hasten the construction of the general Temple in the Messianic era.

Every day before prayer, we have to say, that we take upon ourselves to love every Jew unconditionally.

By continuously imagining that God is in front of you and having his fear upon you, we hasten the time, where we will see God in the Messianic era.

The Menorah shows on the unity of the Jewish people, because they’re seven branches, representing the seven types of Jews, but they’re all connected to one central theme.


Unlike most Commandments that have a specific time or place, charity and giving is at all times and in all places.

Charity is comparable to doing all the Mitzvos and is the main Mitzvah.

The reason for this is, because the very structure of reality God made in a way that charity, benevolence, kindness, compassion, is the only way the world can function.

In fact as our sages teach, more than the giver gives, by giving we get.

Not only is charity and compassion part of the human psyche and structure, but even animals, as we see, are kind to their offsprings and often to their specie.

From the primary things that the mind realizes is a moral obligation, is charity – to help anyone in the need of help.

Everything that comes from God, as there is nothing compelling him to do anything, is only an act of Charity and giving.

This starts of course from the very life and livelihood of each individual.

Now seeing that the Lifeforce and livelihood is God’s charity, and God acts in reaction to man, we can Now understand how necessary it is for us to in fact seek out opportunities to be charitable!

God being infinite, sustaining us infinitely, gives infinite charity.

Likewise our giving a charity shouldn’t be unstintingly.

When we give charity in such a way, we manifest the Infinity of God and infinite benevolence towards us.

Because God created both the infinite and the finite, therefore, he can make them, even though they’re opposites, become simultaneous.

As God and the Torah and the Jewish Soul are a single entity, therefore the essence of God’s desire, is that this Core Fact, should permeate within the soul below.