Our relationship to God lies exclusively in the knowledge that his Being is infinitely Beyond us, not that we have a comparison, but just as a speck of dust has no comparison to the greatest teacher, but infinitely more so…

Thank God, I studied hundreds of Jewish mystical and traditional books, science and philosophy and psychology and nothing is more important than the saying “Ask not what is in my interest, but what is in God’s! – for in the latter, exclusively is the former”

the greatest irony in the world is, that when we judge another person, it is not their evil that bothers us, it is our jealousy of their goodness; and the proof of this is, those who are best throughout history…- nobody has been as compassionate and kind as the Jews – are also those that were most judged

All problems begin when we think – which is cussed by narcissistic wounding, in other words, somebody shamed us and we believed it – which causes narcissism… in other words we begin to think we are God

just as every single thing that you will ever see and hear was obviously designed for there must be the mechanism which of-course in visual ability and what you see, must be in the realm of vision, as well as an auditory ability, and they must be in a sound wave – likewise and this is quite deep – everything that you understand, as understanding in essence, is no closer to truth than a rock